A Million Guilty Pleasures: Million Dollar Duet

A Million Guilty Pleasures: Million Dollar Duet by C.L. Parker

Book: A Million Guilty Pleasures: Million Dollar Duet by C.L. Parker Read Free Book Online
Authors: C.L. Parker
a stabbing sense of guilt pierce my chest when she winced, and my mind immediately went into caregiver mode. I would worship that woman, show her my appreciation and take care of her for a change, just like she took care of everyone else around her, including me.
    “I’m sorry, kitten,” I said, rolling her over and gathering her to me. “I’m so fucking sorry I hurt you.”
    My girl could’ve sobbed into my chest, could’ve beaten theshit out of me with my permission—she could’ve done anything she wanted or needed in retaliation for the pain I’d inflicted on her. But she didn’t do any of that. Instead, Lanie wedged her thigh between mine, wrapped her arm around my waist to palm my ass, and then attacked my neck.
    “Shut up, Noah,” she mumbled between kisses. “You’re overthinking this and killing my buzz. And just so you know, I definitely want to do that again.”
    I’d said it before, and I’d say it again: I fucking loved my girl so much it hurt.
    She tilted her head back to look up at me, a spark of wicked intent in her eyes. I had definitely created a monster. But I wasn’t an insensitive ass. My girl was hurting, and she was trying to mask her pain so I wouldn’t feel bad about it, which was insane because of course I felt like a douche. How could I not?
    I leaned forward and took her succulent lips with mine, deepening the kiss with all the love and adoration I could manifest. It was when I felt myself hardening again that I broke the connection. She would take that as a sign that I wanted her again, which I did. However, her needs were so much more important than mine, and right then, she needed me to take care of her, whether she wanted to admit it or not.
    It took a lot for me to do it, but I finally managed to pull away from her and slip out of the bed.
    Lanie groaned in protest and reached out to grab my hand. “Noooo. Where are you going?”
    I knew exactly how she felt; I couldn’t stand to be away from her for even a second, either. The thought alone made me feel empty inside, and I missed her already. How was I going to tear myself away? My selfish side reared its ugly headtemporarily, and I almost asked her not to go. I knew that she’d stay with me if I asked, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’d already taken too much from her.
    “Not far. Never far.” With one last tender kiss, I pulled away, severing our physical connection, but the invisible tether that stretched from the bed where she lay to my heart kept us bound across the distance. I’d never felt anything like it before—so connected, so absorbed in just one person—it was an enigma of which I didn’t want to find the solution.
    It gave me hope.
    I quickly ran a bath for her, taking care to be sure the water was neither too hot nor too cold. I was thankful to see that Polly had stocked the bathroom with some girly soaps, and I chose one whose label promised a tranquil, soothing calm. It damn well better or I was going to sue the bastards for false advertisement. Only the best for my girl.
    I managed to walk back in to her, only because running might make me look like an even bigger bitch than I already was. My cock was at half staff and flopped back and forth on my thighs as I made my way to the bed where she lay. She was ogling the piece of meat as if it were a sausage link hanging in the front window of a butcher’s shop and she were a stray pup looking for its next meal.
    “I’m really trying to show some restraint here. You know, be a caring, gentle boyfriend? A real Prince Charming. But if you keep licking your chops like that, the prince might turn into an ogre. And I really don’t think that would be a good idea right now,” I said, pulling the sheets from her naked body and sweeping her up into my arms.
    As I walked with her, Lanie put her arms around my shoulders and nuzzled the crook of my neck. “I can take it,” shesaid, lifting her chin slightly so that her sultry voice ghosted over

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