A Home for Jessa

A Home for Jessa by Robin Delph

Book: A Home for Jessa by Robin Delph Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robin Delph
                                 Chapter One
           Friends were hard to make and keep at the orphanage because once you would made a friend they would be placed in a foster home, some of the kids were even lucky enough to find a family that adopted them. Jessa would look out the window and watch her friends get into the car and drive away. Some of them would return and some she never saw again. The one’s that would come back would always seem so different to her. Some had been beaten while others had been starved and some came back because the family had had a baby and just couldn’t handle a baby and them.
           Jessa never gave much thought to being adopted or to live with a foster family. She had been living at the orphanage for three years and had never had anyone want to adopt or foster her. That is until one day the social worker came and took her to the main office to meet a family. Jessa was told they wanted to foster her and that she would have a new home. Reluctantly Jessa left her comfort zone at the orphanage and headed out to her new home with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.
          She loved her new home the Johnson’s were the nicest people she had ever met. Jessa fell in love with Mrs. Johnson they would play for hours and they at night they both would yuck her in and read her a bedtime story. Every morning she would wake to the smell of pancakes, eggs and bacon. Them Mr. Johnson would come in and say, “Wakey wakey eggs and bacy.” It always made Jessa laugh to hear him say that. They always had breakfast and dinner together like a real family. One night after dinner they told Jessa they wanted to adopt her and that they had a meeting that following week to get all the paperwork done. Jessa was ecstatic she was finally going to have a real family
           That weekend Mrs. Johnson went to see her sister and tell her the good news and Mr. Johnson and Jessa stayed behind to go to the zoo. After returning from the zoo Mr. Johnson received a phone call that his wife had been in an accident and didn’t make it. He decided it would be best if he didn’t adopt Jessa and sent her back to the orphanage. Jessa’s heart was broken when Mr. Johnson told her she would be going back.
         Eyes filled with tears Jessa climbed the stairs to her room to pack. As she looked around the bedroom she couldn’t help but think just this morning she was going to have a real family and within a few hours she was packing to go back to the orphanage. Her little heart had been shattered for the second time in her short life.
        Jessa dressed for bed wondering if Mr. Johnson was going to read and tuck her in tonight. After waiting for almost an hour she gave up on that thought and climbed into bed. Jessa lay awake that night and thought about how happy she had been here and knowing this would be the last time she would lay in this bed. Tomorrow she would be going back to the orphanage. She tossed and turned for hours before she finally fell asleep.
         The next morning she woke up got dressed and headed down stairs hoping Mr. Johnson had changed his mind and wanted to keep her. When she stepped into the kitchen she knew he hadn’t, for the bags she had packed the night before were sitting by the door. Mr. Johnson opened the door and there stood a social worker to take her back. Her little head hung low as she picked up her bags and walked out the door never to see sweet Mr. Johnson again.
        It was all she could do to keep from calling out after him as she got into the social workers car, she just climbed in. she wanted to look out the window at the house that was supposed to be her new home but she couldn’t. Jessa just hung her little head and let tears roll down her cheeks. The car ride to the orphanage seemed to take forever and with each second they got closer her hopes seemed to slip away little by little. By the time they made it to the orphanage Jessa

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