A Dangerous Fury (The Sentinel Demons Book 3)

A Dangerous Fury (The Sentinel Demons Book 3) by J. S. Scott

Book: A Dangerous Fury (The Sentinel Demons Book 3) by J. S. Scott Read Free Book Online
Authors: J. S. Scott
“We’ll need to utilize warrior Sentinels. I’ll leave those selections up to you. You know who is the best and the strongest of the fighting force.”
    “What about the toxins? Aren’t they going to affect all of the Sentinels?” Zach asked, his tone respectful now.
    “I can handle that when we get to the demon realm.” Athena dismissed the problem with a wave of her hand. “My main purpose there will be to get to Goran and Kristoff so I can restore the Evils to their original forms and rescue my demon king. But there are other benefits as well. The toxins are easy for me to negate, and I can watch over your mates while you tackle the Evils. Once Kat has guided all of you to the demon realm and Talia restores power to all of the Sentinels, their work will essentially be done. But we’ll need them there in case we need their skills again.”
    “Do you think Kristoff is still alive?” Zach asked hesitantly.
    Athena stopped pacing and dropped into one of the vacant chairs. “I do. My only fear is that he won’t be the same man who entered the lair of the Evils. He could be…altered.”
    “How?” Drew asked urgently.
    “He won’t die easily. He’s a Sentinel, but he still has the powers of a demigod—”
    “That’s exactly what he told me and Talia,” Drew interrupted. “But how could he be altered?”
    “Different,” Athena said evasively, as though she didn’t want to explain completely. “The Evils are masters at torture. The sooner we plan and execute this mission, the better.”
    Hunter saw both of his brothers flinch before their expressions grew remorseful. “Then we plan, and we fight,” Hunter rumbled, standing up to hold his hand out to Athena.
    She slipped her hand into his without hesitation, an action that slammed Hunter in the gut. His goddess trusted him completely. Him …a man who had never deserved trust in his human life or his Sentinel existence. After pulling her to her feet, he wrapped an arm around her waist protectively. Maybe she didn’t need his protection, but he was going to have her back any damn time she needed it, and maybe even when she didn’t.
    Drew and Zach got to their feet as Athena asked them, “I trust you two can rally the forces we need?”
    The men nodded considerately, acknowledging their duty.
    Hunter knew Zach and Drew were rather in awe of their female creator and in some ways…so was he. But his amazement and fascination with Athena was completely different and definitely carnal.
    “I understand why you did what you did,” Hunter whispered gruffly in Athena’s ear. “But if you ever do that again, I’ll spank that gorgeous ass of yours until you can’t sit down. Understand?” He let his imagination run free, deliberately sending her vivid images of her over his lap, completely naked, dishing out erotic pain and teasing her with pleasure.
    Athena looked up at him, her eyes shooting traces of flame. “You wouldn’t dare,” she sputtered, her voice quiet so only Hunter could hear her.
    “Try me, Princess. I’m pretty foolhardy, especially when it comes to you,” he rasped, not quite able to clear his mind of having her naked and begging for him to fuck her.
    He felt Athena shudder, the vibrations shooting a streak of electricity along every nerve ending in his entire body. She opened her mouth to speak and then closed it again, apparently speechless.
    Hunter grinned down at her mischievously as he teleported them both back to his house, his brothers watching as they disappeared. Zach and Drew gave each other a content and knowing look before they hurried back to their own mates, leaving Kristoff’s home eerily silent once more.

H unter tried to show her the world in twenty-four hours. They trotted around the globe, Athena able to see the changes that had occurred since the reign of the gods as they chased the daylight in various countries. To say the world was incredibly different was a radical understatement. For her,

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