A Curvy Girl for the Cadet: A Perfect Fit Novella
of. You shouldn’t regret anything. You were a good wife and if your mother-in-law thinks that about you, you’re golden.”
    “Thanks, Ma.”
    “So how was it?”
    “I was going to spew some bullshit about how a lady doesn’t kiss and tell, but I can’t, because there are no words to tell you how good, and thorough and… and… powerful he was. I know it was a mistake to sleep with him, but I don’t regret it, because every woman should be loved by that man at least once.”
    “Whoa. Where can I sign up?” She laughed. “And why was it a mistake? You had a good time, right?”
    “I had a one night stand with my next door neighbor. Now I have to see him all the time and it’s probably going to get awkward.”
    “Why does it have to be a one night stand?”
    “Because I have a seven-year-old. I can’t be having sex all over my house.”
    “So don’t have it all over your house. Be sneaky. Be creative. Jerry and I did it every day until the Lord took him home. You’re young. You’re beautiful. Have a fling.”
    A fling? “Clayton is former military,” she said quietly. “He was hurt over there. He’s covered in scars.”
    “Oh.” Daisy didn’t have to say anymore. Loretta understood. Understood what Daisy had gone through with Danny. “Just don’t get too attached, honey. But don’t let that stop you from having fun.”
    “Get the hell off me, man!”
    Clayton put down his saw after hearing the scuffle that was happening in the hallway of the apartment building they were rehabilitating. It was one of Ambrose’s new acquisitions. He had let Clayton handle the transaction. He had let Clayton acquire all the properties they had rehabbed in the last six months. Clayton should have realized that he was grooming him to take over. He had given him more and more responsibility for the past year. So much that Ambrose barely came into the office anymore.
    “What the hell is going on out here?” Clayton stepped out into the hallway. Abraham came from the other direction and they both saw two of their guys dragging a man towards the stairwell.
    “Found this guy squatting in one of the apartments,” Neil, one of his drywallers told him. “We’re evicting him.”
    “Get the fuck off me!” The man fought against them and that’s when Clayton saw his tattoo. He had lost somebody important to him. The helmet, gun and boots permanently inked into his arm was a tribute.
    “Let him go,” Clayton ordered.
    “But, Lieutenant–”
    “Let him go,” Clayton said again and they did. “How many tours did you do?”
    “Three,” he said straightening his ratty clothes.
    “Where’s your family?” Abraham asked.
    “They don’t want me around much.” He looked young, not yet thirty and yet he had probably seen more action than most.
    “You can stay here,” Clayton reach into his wallet and pulled out a few bills. “But you get yourself cleaned up and you report to work at seven am like the rest of the crew.”
    “You don’t know anything about me. I could be a thief, a murderer and you’re giving me a job without knowing my name?”
    “What is your name?”
    “Jonathan Davies.”
    “Well, Jonathan Davies, if you fuck this up or screw me over I’m coming after you myself. Abe and I are former army. Miguel,” he motioned to one of the men who had been holding him, “was in the marines. We take care of our own, but we’ll come after you and you’ll regret it.”
    He nodded. “Thank you, sir.”
    “Don’t call me sir. It’s Clayton.” He extended his hand. “Welcome aboard. Now go get yourself cleaned up.”
    He nodded and giving them one long look he left. “You’re sure about this?” Abraham asked him quietly enough that the other men didn’t hear.
    “No, but we all need a chance. If Ambrose hadn’t hired me right when I got out I don’t know where I’d be.”
    Abraham nodded. “The bookkeeper called my phone. She said she wanted you to come back to the office so that you

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