299 Days IX: The Restoration

299 Days IX: The Restoration by Glen Tate

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Authors: Glen Tate
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    “Moving rear!”
    “Covering!” The Team was doing what they’d practiced, moving to the best cover behind the truck and covering each other’s movements. With live rounds coming at them this time. They felt remarkably calm, now that the initial shock was over. They could feel their training kicking in and getting them through this. And the wild volleys of green tracer fire showed them what Ted had always said, “Your enemy is probably a shitty shot.” Whoever was spraying at them wasn’t hitting crap.
    After a minute or two, the fire started to die down. It was pretty obvious that neither side was hitting what they were aiming at. The Team could hear yelling and rustling bushes. The Limas were completely disorganized. It was starting to become obvious that the Limas had just started spraying poorly aimed machine gun fire, and now were getting the hell out of there.
    Edwards realized the same thing. He and a SAW gunner—a soldier with a light machine gun—ran up to the Team, who were behind the truck.
    “You guys give us cover fire left, right, and front,” Edwards yelled, because he couldn’t hear with all the gunfire. “And my guys will move into the woods left and right. You hold the point. Got it?”
    The Team nodded or gave a thumbs up.
    Except Wes.
    Pow wondered where Wes had gone, and assumed he was hiding behind some cover.
    “Give me cover fire in thirty seconds,” Edwards said, as he ran back to his company. They were still taking pot shots into the woods to keep the bad guys’ heads down.
    The SAW gunner counted off the thirty seconds. The Team was counting. The SAW gunner got a good position on the ground.
    “Twenty-nine … thirty,” Pow counted to himself. All of the sudden, the SAW and the Team opened up on the left, right, and front.
    “Loading!” Ryan yelled, meaning he was changing a magazine.
    “Check!” Scotty yelled and threw out cover fire so Ryan could load.
    “Loaded!” Ryan yelled when he was done.
    “Loading!” Scotty yelled.
    “Check!” Ryan yelled. And so they did this for a minute or two as they coated the woods with bullets.
    They had done this so many times that they could keep track of who had reloaded and who would need to reload soon.
    They didn’t hear Wes call for a reload.
    Bravo Company moved into the woods on both sides. Pretty soon, they could hear scattered shots in the woods. Hopefully it was Bravo shooting escaping Limas, rather than the Limas ambushing Bravo.
    “Wait!” Pow yelled out to the Team. They hadn’t received any fire from the woods so they stopped shooting. There was no need to, unless someone took a shot at them. Besides, their guns were getting hot from a couple magazines of firing.
    “Pop! Pop!” The shooting in the woods continued, but was dying down. Pretty soon, it was over. The Team sat there scanning the left, right, and front. Nothing. Each of them kept imagining a Lima running toward them out of nowhere and them shooting him. They kept imagining it to keep sharp, and to make it easy to do when it happened.
    The bushes around the Team started to move. They swung their rifles around to the movement. It was Bravo, or some military unit with the same kind of uniforms. It could be a FUSA Lima unit, but given how calmly they were walking up to them, it probably wasn’t.
    The Team quickly started recognizing individual members of Bravo coming back from the woods. Edwards was one of them.
    “We ain’t running into their trap,” Edwards said to Pow. “The map says there are two points in and out, where this road goes into and out of the park. Do you know of any other points?”
    “No, sir,” Pow said. “The steep hills go down into the watershed. It would be hard to cross that water and get out of here.”
    “Good,” Edwards said. “We’ll seal up the two exit points and wait for the sun to come up. We can go in there in the light, but not in the dark. I only have a handful of NVGs,”

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