Writing Witchy (Witch Hunters)

Writing Witchy (Witch Hunters) by Thayer King

Book: Writing Witchy (Witch Hunters) by Thayer King Read Free Book Online
Authors: Thayer King
ate her gasps, swallowing them in his voracious kisses.
    His hands moved down her body, roughly caressing the curves of her hips before unfastening her jeans. He pushed until they fell to her ankles and she was able to step free of them. Her movements were awkward since he didn’t break the kiss. She’d barely freed her left foot when he pulled her back into his warm embrace. Only her panties and his towel separated them. He curved his hands over her ass and squeezed.
    She ran her hands down the corded muscles of his back, stopping at the white terry cloth. Her fingers curled under the material, prepared to remove it.
    Keith stopped her. He held her forearms and dropped his forehead to hers. His eyes were narrowed slits, but what she could make out of his irises seemed to glow. “Imani, are you sure about this?” His voice was deep and his breathing ragged. “We don’t have to…go all the way. You don’t have to do this. I’m yours. I can wait for you.”
    “Then why am I almost naked?”
    He stroked her cheek with the backs of his fingers. “I can wait to fuck you.” He smiled. “But I admit I want to eat you alive, toss your legs over my shoulders and bury my tongue as deep into your pussy as I can get it.”
    Imani swallowed. She wasn’t sure what to make of this new Keith. He was the same, yet more elemental, and much more raw. “What’s come over you?”
    “Nothing. I’ve wanted you for months. I’ve tried to hide it , for you. I didn’t want to pressure you. That was our deal, remember?”
    She bit her lip. “It’s time to renegotiate.” She gave the towel a yank and it fell to the floor. Her mouth dropped open at his size. “Oh, my…”
    Keith cut her off with a kiss. He maneuvered them through the house to his bedroom. “Get on the bed.” She lay on her back in the middle of the king-sized bed. His eyes were hot rays of neon blue as they scoped out her body, pausing at her breasts before flowing down her belly. “You’re beautiful.” He fisted his cock, stroking the thick length from base to tip until a pearl of moisture pooled at the top. She licked her lips and he groaned. “Take your panties off.”
    She lifted her hips and wiggled them down and off. Keith crawled up her body, making her feel like his prey. He settled himself over her, one thigh between hers, his erection pressed into her side. Imani couldn’t help tensing. What would happen now? Would this be over in seconds? Or did he plan to draw this out forever?
    She enjoyed his kisses but the rest of this was a big question mark. So far, she had to admit he had her excited and eager for his touch. But they’d never gone this far before.
    Keith started with kisses to her forehead. “So beautiful,” he whispered as he pecked his way down her nose and over her eyelids before claiming her mouth in a deep drugging kiss. “Going to kiss you all over,” he murmured as he buried his face in her neck. “Bury my tongue between your thighs, taste your cream, suck your little clit until you’re crying my name.”
    She felt herself grow wetter at his words. He moved down, his lips trailing over her collarbone. Licking a line between her breasts, he cupped them with his hands, his thumbs flicking the tips until she was arching her back. He swirled his tongue around both of her nipples before going back to the first breast and suckling. Imani’s toes curled. Heat unfurled in her lower belly. She’d never enjoyed a man’s attentions to her breasts. All that groping and gnawing had always been a turn off. Who knew it could be like this? She buried her fingers in his hair to encourage him. She eagerly offered him her other breast when he released the first.
    She emitted a disappointed whimper as he continued his downward trajectory. He chuckled before dipping his tongue in her belly button. His fingers parted her thighs wide. Imani nibbled her bottom lip as he stared at her. He inhaled as though savoring her fragrance. “God,” he

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