Working On Love (The Griffin Brothers Book 6)

Working On Love (The Griffin Brothers Book 6) by Crystal Perkins

Book: Working On Love (The Griffin Brothers Book 6) by Crystal Perkins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Crystal Perkins
without him. But I need to.
    I look up to see
Jessica, Miles’ mom, running towards me. She looks just like I
remember her. “Hi Jessica.”
    “I flew in as soon as
I could. Have they let you in? I’ll make them let you in.”
    “Mr. Corrigan had
them do that when he left.”
    “Martin? He was
    “Did they limit your
time with Miles?”
    “He made me leave.”
    “Miles? No. He’s
been telling me how happy he is now that you’re together.”
    “He told me I was
just another fuck.”
    “No, Alex. That’s
not true.”
    “It’s what he told
me before he kicked me out. I need to leave, Jessica. It was nice to
see you.”
    “Don’t give up on
my son, Alex. This feels like it has my ex-husband’s slimy hands
all over it. I’ll talk to Miles.”
    I just shrug at her and
walk out. I’ve worked hard on building my self-respect back up. I
won’t let anyone tear it back down. Not even Miles.

Chapter 9
    I’m finally getting
released from the hospital today. I’m guessing that people who have
regular—or no—insurance aren’t kept in for two weeks very
often. That’s what they did to me, though. Two weeks of poking,
prodding, and some awesome pain meds. Along with two weeks of guilt,
longing, and hatred. Fun times.
    My door opens, and Matt
strolls in. “Man, its good you’re getting out today. You can get
your head out of your ass and talk to Alex.”
    “I have nothing to
talk to her about. We’re over.”
    “So you don’t care
that the girls set her up with a blind date for tonight?”
    No! She wouldn’t. Not
so soon. I know she hasn’t called or texted since I kicked her out
of the ICU, but I didn’t think she’d get over me so soon.
Apparently she has. I should be happy, because God knows I’ll never
get back together with her. Instead I feel like I’m dying. I can’t
let it show, though.
    “It’s none of my
    “What the fuck is
wrong with you? You had this amazing woman, who you’ve apparently
been in love with for years, and you’re just giving her up because
you got beat up?”
    “What? I don’t care
about getting beat up.”
    “That’s not what
she thinks. She puts on a brave front, but I caught her crying the
other day. She blames herself for you getting beat up. Nick’s going
to rot in jail, which is better than he deserves, but she thinks that
you hate her now because you got hurt.”
    “It’s not her
fault. None of it’s her fault. It’s mine. Every fucking thing is
my fault.”
    “It’s your fault
that some crazy bastard got fixated on her?”
    “No. It’s my fault
that dad got so angry at me he did everything he could to destroy me.
And it worked.”
    “What the fuck are
you talking about?”
    “We’d like to know
that as well.”
    I didn’t hear my mom
or gram walk in, but they’re here now. I don’t want to tell them.
I honestly don’t want anyone to know. I wish I didn’t know. Then
I could still be with Alex.
    “No one needs to
know, Gram.”
    “Yes we do, Miles.
Please tell us what your father said to you. I know you love Alex. I know it.”
    I give in. I’m really
too tired to fight, and although it’s selfish of me, I want someone
to share the burden of what I know. Three of the four people who mean
the most to me are in this room. There’s no one else I could ever
    “Okay. Take me to my
old place and I’ll tell you everything. It’s really ugly, but at
least you’ll understand why I can never be with Alex.
    * * *
    It’s been three weeks
since I walked out of the hospital. I’d be lying if I said I don’t
cry myself to sleep every night. I’ve stayed in the condo, but I
sleep in one of the guest rooms. I can’t sleep in our bed without
Miles. Although, I guess it’s just my bed now.
    Jessica came over and
boxed up his stuff. She looked sad as the moving guys took it away,
but she did it. That was two weeks ago. While he was still in the
hospital. I know he got out last week,

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