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Authors: Kate Douglas
The ones who plan this start planning something else. They might do more research, find out stuff we don’t want anyone to know. They could make things even more dangerous for our children. I don’t want that. I don’t think you do, either, and you know Lisa doesn’t.”
    Tinker turned away from the window and gave Mik alopsided grin. “You’re preaching to the choir, Mik. I agree with everything you say. Doesn’t mean I have to like it, and I don’t. I don’t like it one bit. I know where my woman is and I want her out of there, now. I don’t want those slimy bastards in the same state with her, much less the same hotel room.”
    “Sucks, don’t it?” Mik punched Tinker’s shoulder and turned away from the window just as Tala’s voice whispered in his mind. His gaze automatically flew to AJ to confirm he was in on the link. Then he concentrated on Tala.
    One of the guys just ordered room service. I heard him give the room number. Eighteen-ten. I think that’s an executive suite. Two men are out in the living area. Lisa and I are in the bedroom with one distracted guard. He’s heavy into his video games.
    Okay. Are you and Lisa okay with what we’re doing? With going along with this until we can catch the ones at the top?
    Damn straight we are. Lisa agrees. We’re okay for now.
    Good. He glanced at AJ, caught his lover’s hesitant nod. I love you. It’s killing me to leave you stuck over there.
    I know. I’m okay. AJ? You all right with this?
    AJ’s stricken glance told Mik volumes more than he knew AJ would ever think of sharing with Tala. Yeah, AJ said, after a long pause.
But only because you’re okay with it. My gut is telling me to come get you now, but my head’s reminding me what we have to do to keep everyone safe in the long run. I’ll listen to my head, for now.
    Don’t worry, AJ. We’ll be okay. Besides, everything will work out perfectly. Don’t forget, Anton’s got a plan.
    Oh, fuck.
    Luc stepped into the main room, glanced at the door, and said, “They’re here. Anton just contacted me.”
    “How’s Tia?” Mik realized he was drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair and quickly folded his hand into a fist. This waiting was killing him, but they’d decided to hold off on anything until Anton and the rest of the Montana group had arrived.
    Luc shook his head. He looked as if he’d aged a hundred years over the course of the day. “She’s sleeping. Pale. She’s lost too much blood.” He stared at the closed front door. “I hope I’m not putting too much faith in Logan. He’s a doctor, but Adam’s the one with the healing powers that …”
    AJ slung an arm over Luc’s shoulders. “Adam’s taught Logan what he knows. She’ll be okay.”
    Luc raised stricken eyes to AJ. “How can you be so calm? Those bastards have Tala and …”
    AJ sighed and glanced at Mik. His jaw tightened. “Mik and I are in constant communication with her. She’s okay, we know where she is, and they’re not going to try anything until tonight. And I have the satisfaction of knowing I’m going to personally destroy every single person who’s hurt our women.”
    Luc’s smile was strained. “Yeah. There’s that.”
    Tinker opened the door before anyone even heard a step on the porch. Nick was just reaching for the handle. “Thanks, Tink.” He stepped aside. Keisha was the first one into the room.
    She drew Luc into a tight hug, flashed a quick hello to the group, and headed down the hallway to Tia. Anton, Logan, and Jazzy entered, but it was the last man, tall, unmistakably Native American, and preternaturally beautiful, who caught Mik’s eye.
    He stood up and held out his hand. “Igmutaka?”
    “Yes.” He moved close and drew Mik into a warm embrace, then stepped back, still clasping his shoulders. “You are your grandfather. I feel his spirit in you, just as he existsin your daughter. I did not feel his presence before now. I find that curious.”
    Bemused, Mik stared at the

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