Wild Thing

Wild Thing by Mia Watts

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Authors: Mia Watts
Mia Watts
Kris Norris: power goddess of computers, uplifter-er of low spirits, fetish hound of American accents, convertee to male erotic reading, and dear, irreplaceable friend…this one’s for you.
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Chapter One
    “Nothing?” DNR Officer Jack Allen asked, his gaze sweeping over Ryan Walsh’s enigmatic expression.
Any excuse to look at Ryan was a good one. Especially at eight in the morning when Ryan was sipping hot coffee on the front porch of his log cabin.
Ryan shook his head, a slight move to the left and back. The mug pressed against his full lower lip, distracting Jack from his line of questioning.
“Is that all, officer?” Amusement coloured his husky tones.
Jack lifted his gaze and found the same twinkle in the depths of Ryan’s chocolate brown eyes. Jack’s partner nudged him. He blinked and felt the distinct rise of a blush touch his cheeks with heat. “Uh, no. If you see anything suspicious, give me a call?” Jack unsnapped his breast pocket, intending to give him a business card.
“I have your number,” Ryan murmured.
“You do?”
Ryan’s smile widened further. “You gave me a card the last time you were out here tagging red foxes. I keep it beside my phone.” His eyes flicked to Jack’s partner, Clancy. “I can call you the minute something comes up.”
He lowered his mug, the pale white porcelain gleamed in the bright sunshine as it broke the shade of the covered porch. Jack didn’t think he had Attention Deficit Disorder, but Ryan Walsh had a way of twisting small moments into sharp detail.
He wondered briefly if Ryan thought Jack had the mental acuity of a goldfish. Distracted by shiny things, goggle-eyed whenever Ryan spoke, lame words coming out of Jack’s mouth—God, he must seem like such a moron.
“Beginning to think you come out here just to check on me,” Ryan remarked casually.
“Your cabin is in the middle of the largest open forestry area and within miles of the sightings. You go out alone to photograph wildlife.” Jack shrugged. “It makes sense to ask you if you’ve seen the thing people report seeing,” he reasoned. “And we grew up together.”
Ryan put his mug down on the wooden railing, took a couple of steps down. A wicked smile touched a corner of his sculpted lips. “Sounds like you need a tour guide.”
“Right. We both used to play in these woods. Just keep your eyes open for the oversized wolf.”
“Ever think it might be a prank?”
“He’s right,” Clancy decided.
“Did Jenna Frank look like she was kidding when she filed that report?” Jack asked his partner.
Clancy gave him a funny look. “Maybe. Could have been Gentry. A man can put on a fur coat and growl convincingly enough if he wanted to. He’s got a thing for twisted pranks. I can’t see there being a Timber wolf the size of the reports. That ain’t natural. I say you take Ryan up on the offer, spend a few nights hanging out in a pup-tent and catch the bastards.”
Well fuck Clancy to hell. He never should have confessed his attraction for Ryan to his partner. Until six years ago, Ryan had been dating a local guy pretty regularly. His type tended towards lean, wiry men who looked like they belonged on the cover of GQ. Jack looked nothing like that pretty boy.
Jack pinched the bridge of his nose. “Clancy, you keep talking about moving to the cities. You’ll never get there by treating every report like a joke. And boy howdy, do I want to help you leave this place, so pull some professionalism out of your ass and pretend to have a mature thought in your head. Okay?”
Ryan chuckled. He picked up his mug, holding it casually at his side. His

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