Wild Highland Rose (Time Travel Trilogy, Book 2)

Wild Highland Rose (Time Travel Trilogy, Book 2) by Dee Davis

Book: Wild Highland Rose (Time Travel Trilogy, Book 2) by Dee Davis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dee Davis
but she wrenched away, tears shimmering in her eyes, her body language signaling clearly that the conversation was over.  Except that he didn ' t want it to be over.  For the first time since he ' d awoken on the side of the mountain, he felt a connection with someone, and no matter how fleeting, he wanted to preserve it.
    " Talk to me, Marjory. "
    " About what? " s he spat, anger flashing in her eyes.  " Your father killing mine? "
    " He ' s not my father. "   The words came out before he could stop them.
    " Nay.  You just dinna remember him. ' Tis no ' the same. "   There was regret in her voice, and he watched as her anger deflated.  " You ' re still a Cameron. "
    " So what , you hate me because of my name? "
    " I dinna hate you. "   She sighed.
    " You almost sound like you wish you could. "   He watched the emotions playing across her face and wished he could erase some of the pain.
    " ' Twould be easier. "   Her smile was faint, her eyes still troubled.
    " Yeah, but worthwhile things are seldom easy. "   Their gazes met and held.  " Tell me what happened, Marjory.  I need to understand. "
    She shook her head.  " I canna.  ' Twill surely tear me apart. "
    " No more than it ' s already doing. "
    She considered his words, then blew out a slow breath, her tears glistening in the dappled light.  "Your father and my father had a longstanding feud.  I canna say why.  My father would never discuss it, but I know 'twas a bitter war between them.  Torcall had been imprisoned by some Macphersons on the other side o' the mountains.  I dinna know how long they held him, but when he was released, my father added extra guards at the pass leading to the valley.
    "I o'erheard him discussing it one night with my mother.  Something about revenge, but they heard me and were careful never to talk about it in my presence again."  She paused.
    He reached for her hand, absurdly grateful when she didn ' t pull away.  " Go on. "
    " The extra guards made no difference.  Torcall managed to get into the valley anyway. He arrived at Crannag Mhór with an army of men.  They stormed the tower.  Father made mother and I go to our quarters.  We huddled in my chamber listening to the sounds of the battle outside the door.  There's a connecting door between my chamber and my parents ' ."  Her gaze collided with his.  "You're sleeping in their chamber."
    " I ' m sorry. "   He wasn ' t certain what he was apologizing for, but he meant the words just the same.  "How old were you? "
    "Eight summers."  She leaned against him slightly, staring straight forward, lost again in the past.  "I was so afraid.  My mother tried to reassure me, but you could hear women screaming outside in the courtyard.  I don ' t know how long we sat like that.  Hours maybe.  Then we heard my father's voice in the next chamber, calling my mother's name.
    "Mother pushed me back against a wall and hurried to join him.  I pressed myself against the rough stones."  She shivered uncontrollably, and he wrapped a protective arm around her.  "They pressed through the thin fabric of my nightshift.  They were cold and their dampness seeped into my body , but I willed myself to stay absolutely still.
    "It was dark.  All I could see were shadows.  Everywhere shadows.  The doorway was a dark patch, yawning open, leading to my parents and the battle.  I wasna strong.  I wished with all my heart that the door would stay closed and that the evil on the other side would go away without harming me.
    "I wanted to cry, but I knew I couldna.  I was a Macpherson.  It wasna a time for crying.  Father had told me once that I was the bravest girl in all of Scotland.  I was determined to make him proud.
    "I had my sgian dubh .  It had been a birthday gift from mother, for eating no' protection, but I knew it was the best defense I had.  If the Camerons forced their way into the chamber, I would be ready.  I could defend myself."  She straightened as though

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