Wicked Wind (Solsti Prophecy #1)

Wicked Wind (Solsti Prophecy #1) by Sharon Kay

Book: Wicked Wind (Solsti Prophecy #1) by Sharon Kay Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sharon Kay
possessive, and she craved him. His thumbs slid under the straps of her bra and he moved them down again, caressing the skin at the tops of her breasts. He kept up his maddening strokes until she was ready to tear the bra off herself, and then it disappeared.
    No one in the club even glanced at them as Gunnar growled, tearing his mouth away from hers. Her nipples beaded into hard points as her breasts rubbed against his bare chest. Gunnar’s nostrils flared at the surge of warmth between her legs.
    He grabbed her ass and lifted her like she weighed nothing, holding her up in front of him so that her breasts were even with his mouth. He closed his lips around one of her nipples and her whole body jerked. Need tore through her. She couldn’t hold back a moan as he laved and suckled one tight peak, and then drew her deeper into his mouth. She watched him release her, then flick his wicked tongue across her neglected nipple. Biting her lip, she writhed against the sweet ache he created.
    Her feet brushed the floor as he set her down, his fingers trailing across her skin to circle her hips. One wicked hand moved around to squeeze her backside, then down to her panties. He fisted the fabric and yanked, and they were gone.
    She stood before him, completely naked and trembling with need. The other dancers didn’t even glance her way. She reached for the button of his leather pants, popping it open with urgent fingers. But before she had a chance to touch him, he took both her hands in his and guided them behind her. Gripping her wrists in one hand, he held them against her back, keeping her in place in front of him. He lowered his mouth to her aching breasts, seeking her nipples, kissing them so languidly that she let her head fall to the side in surrender. She melted into him, carried by a blazing need that was beyond her control.
    With his free hand he traced a teasing line down her belly, across her hip, to slide beneath her and cup her intimately. Delicious shudders made her legs wobbly. His fingers curled upward to drift across her slick skin, coming forward to lightly circle her clit before moving back with drugging slowness. He stroked and teased her as she rolled her hips toward him, wanting more. He pushed one finger inside her, then two, stretching her as she arched into his hand. Her need grew to an unbearable intensity, her mouth barely capable of speech, and she simply whispered, “Please.”
    In a flash of movement so quick she couldn’t track it, he tugged down the zipper of his pants to free himself, and lifted her up with his hands on her hips. The fire of his blue eyes locked with hers as he lowered her slowly onto his thick length.
    She wrapped her legs around his waist, taking every long inch of him as she reveled in the way their bodies fit together. He had tortured her so deliciously and thoroughly that she was close, so close to losing control. He raised her hips, withdrawing almost all the way before plunging back inside. The sensations of his enormous cock stretching her sensitive tissues, and the tips of her breasts grazing his chest as he thrust beneath her, combined to destroy her completely. She cried his name as she shattered into a million fragments in his arms. He roared as his release followed hers, pumping into her until every last drop was wrung from each of them.

    Nicole jerked awake, hot and trembling. She struggled to calm her heart, which raced from the single most erotic dream she’d ever had. Evidently her body was still processing the little interlude she and Gunnar had shared in the hallway. An interlude that left her needier than she realized.
    She glanced over, relieved to find Brooke sleeping soundly next to her. Sure, they were close, but it would have been mortifying to explain herself if she had woken her sister during that dream. It had been so real, right down to the dampness she could still feel between her legs. Sighing, she stared at the ceiling. The gray light of dawn

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