Wicked Obsession (Bend to My Will #6)

Wicked Obsession (Bend to My Will #6) by Emily Jane Trent

Book: Wicked Obsession (Bend to My Will #6) by Emily Jane Trent Read Free Book Online
Authors: Emily Jane Trent
cuffs, Vivienne was completely restricted.
    With her trapped in the beautiful leather, her cheek against the cushion, Jacob adjusted the spreader bar. He opened her wider for his exploration. Vivienne’s knees spread until she felt her labia opening up to his view. Jacob ran his palm over her thigh, making her moan.
    Holding her by the hips, Jacob leaned over and kissed low on her back. His thumbs raked lightly over her outer lips, and Vivienne nearly came unglued. Then Jacob covered her sex with his mouth and sucked.
    A shiver ran through her, and Vivienne tried to think of other things besides Jacob’s mouth. She wondered how long he would torture her before permitting her to orgasm, and prayed it wouldn’t be too long. Her vulnerable position gave her a compelling feeling of submission.
    Vivienne liked it, and wanted more. A tiny voice inside cautioned that she might go too far, that her obsession with such things was wicked. Trusting was dangerous, especially to this degree. But she had no will to resist, craving Jacob’s domination as much as her next breath. He could do anything he wanted; all Vivienne cared about was pleasing him.
    Jacob pressed his swollen cock along the length of her wet slit. Knowing exactly what he was doing, he bumped the thick knob against her sensitive clit. Vivienne whimpered through her ragged breathing. Then he did it again and again.
    The sensual sounds Vivienne made in the back of her throat seemed to come from far away. She began to feel as if she was floating, but continued to resist the climax that threatened to be her undoing. Reaching deeper for inner strength, she let the sensation flow through her body. Without resisting, she tried to absorb it and struggled to increase her capacity to do so.
    When Jacob pulled away, Vivienne gasped. Panting hard, she attempted to regain balance but it was fruitless. Before she could come down from his ministrations, Jacob dipped two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. “I like you wet.” Jacob’s voice was like a growl.
    Opened as wide as she was, Vivienne had no protection. Her sex was fully revealed for Jacob’s pleasure, adding to her feeling of submission. She closed her eyes, feeling the sensation completely. Then Jacob removed his fingers, replacing them with his bulbous knob.
    He dipped into her, just a little, but Vivienne felt the delicious stretch. She moaned, wanting to tighten over him and resisting the urge to beg him to put pressure her clit.
    “I’m going to fuck you, Vivienne.”
    Jacob reached underneath her and cupped her breasts. It felt so damn good, but Vivienne forced her thoughts away from how good it would feel to let go. His palm raked over her stiff nipples, driving her crazy.
    “Ah, ah, ah.” She tried to pace herself, release the tension through her breathing. Yet she feared it wouldn’t work much longer.
    Holding her by the waist, Jacob shoved his cock deeper. When he filled her it felt good, nearly too good. Vivienne clenched her jaw, resisting, but for how long? Then Jacob began to fuck her, for real. It was heavenly. His heat stroking into her, giving her the pleasure she sought. Only not quite.
    Jacob didn’t encourage her to come, not yet. He fucked her, first faster then slower. Everything but the feel of his cock inside her dropped away. Her world was centered with Jacob, how he touched her, and how he stroked her. Vivienne moaned loudly and rubbed her cheek against the padding, as if by doing so she might find escape from the pain of delay.
    For pain it had become. The more Jacob fucked her, the more difficult it was to ignore her own need. Then he stilled, with his cock throbbing inside her. “Clench around my cock, tight. I want to feel you.”
    Vivienne clenched her inner muscles like a fist over his hard shaft. Jacob swatted her butt. “Harder.”
    She held on tight, having no clue how to obey his command without falling over the cliff. Vivienne balanced on the precipice, her restraint turning

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