What Happened at Midnight

What Happened at Midnight by Franklin W. Dixon

Book: What Happened at Midnight by Franklin W. Dixon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Franklin W. Dixon
cle, and on purpose went past the cell block.
    As prearranged Chief Collig met him at the entrance to headquarters and escorted Frank to the prisoner, who looked idly through the bars.
    â€œFriend of yours to see you,” said the chief. “Maybe he can persuade you to unbutton your lips.”
    Frank gazed through the bars. “Like nuttin’ I will,” he whispered to the prisoner in a tough voice as soon as Collig had moved off. “Hi, Shorty! I’m sorry the dicks got yuh. But yuh didn’t tell ‘em nuttin’, did yuh?”
    Frank was jubilant. He had scored one point The man’s nickname was Shorty.
    â€œDid yuh hear my new motorcycle?” he asked.
    â€œYeah, I heard it,” Shorty answered. “Whad daya pay for it with?”
    Frank pulled the diamond from his pocket. “With some o’ dese.”
    Shorty seemed impressed. “Say, what’s yer name?”
    Frank assumed an air of annoyance. “Ain’t Taffy told yuh ‘bout me yet?”
    The young sleuth’s heart was thumping with excitement as he said, “Name’s Youngster. I got a bonus on the last haul. Just joined up with Marr-when smacko!— I run into the toughest setup.”
    Shorty, apparently convinced by Frank’s story, said, “I was lookin’ fer some chips, too. But Marr’ll probably have me rubbed out for gettin’ in here.”
    â€œDid the dicks take the Hardys’ package from yuh?” Frank asked.
    â€œYeah. Before I could open it.”
    â€œHow’d yuh like me to lift it? I could do it easy,” Frank boasted.
    â€œFrom the dicks?” Shorty asked, astonished.
    â€œNaw. The Hardys. The chief’ll give it back to ‘em.”
    Shorty’s thin lips broke into a smile. “Then Taffy’ll think I didn’t bungle after all?“ His face clouded again, however. ”Lessen yuh double-cross me,“ he added.

    â€œName’s Youngster,” Frank told the prisoner
    â€œI won’t squeal,” Frank said. “I’ll tell Marr yuh give it to me to deliver. Say, where’s he holin’ up now? I seen him in New York an’ he told me to come here an’ wait till I heard from him.”
    â€œGuess he’s still at Bickford‘s,” Shorty answered, and added with a smirk, “Best place to hide out with a wad o’ rocks.”
    At that moment a voice called, “Time’s up for visitors.” A guard came in Frank’s direction.
    â€œOkay, but don’t rush me,” the elated boy said in a tough voice.
    He swaggered out of the police station and walked toward his motorcycle. What should he do now? Divulge the information to Collig at once and have the police pick up Taffy Marr?
    â€œI’ll call him, anyway,” Frank decided, “and he can notify Keith.”
    Collig said he would stake plainclothesmen at the shop. “I’ll let you know what happens.”
    When Frank reached home, Aunt Gertrude met him at the door. “I’m glad you’ve come,” she said excitedly. “We must do something at once about that young clerk at Bickford’s.”
    â€œWe are going to,” her nephew assured her. “That is, the police are.”
    â€œWell, I can tell them something,” Aunt Gertrude said. “I was going to tell you what I remembered about him.”
    â€œYou know something about him?” Frank asked.
    â€œI’ll say I do. You recall the tall, fair-haired man who bumped into me at the Gresham railroad station and called me an old whaler? Well, it suddenly came to me that one of the men he was talking to was the very same young man who’s working at Bickford‘s!”
    â€œWhat!” Frank exclaimed. “You’re sure?”
    â€œNow listen here,” his aunt said sharply. “When I’m sure, I’m sure.”
    â€œAunty, this is great news!”

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