Water From the Moon

Water From the Moon by Terese Ramin

Book: Water From the Moon by Terese Ramin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Terese Ramin
Tags: Romance
wanted to, too.
    "Thirty hours." Restlessly Acasia moved away to wander around the small room, touching things. "Tomorrow afternoon, early."
    Cameron settled his hips against the radio table. "Not much time."
    Her restlessness infected him, and he pushed himself away from the table and wrapped his hands around the top of a ladder–back chair.
    "When we get out of here, do you want to have lunch—or something?"
    She had learned life’s expensive lessons and learned them well: never relax, never look away. Cameron’s newest question brought them into uncharted territory. Acasia paused at the counter. "Do you?"
    "Yes. The something."
    "Really?" Hope leaped forward before Acasia could leash it. "It’ll have to be before next Thursday. I have to be in Costa Rica then."
    Costa Rica. What would she be doing in Costa Rica? Did he want to know? "Saturday, then? In New York? Dinner and a show?"
    They’d never had a real date before. And since him… since Lisetta… well, what she’d done with Dominic could never pass for
. "Fine."
    The air crackled with the strain of things unsaid, with the care they were taking not to say anything wrong. "Question?" Cameron said finally.
    She’d never known him to be without one. Cautiously she nodded.
    "Why you? Why didn’t they send someone else after me?"
    "You said it yourself—I’m good at what I do. I’m also an expert on both Emilio Sanchez and Zaragoza." The brief explanation didn’t seem to say enough. She wanted him to understand at least this part of her. "Did I mention that I did a stint in the army? Did three tours and opted out. Got my discharge about the time Fred was coming down here, so I came, too. I was at loose ends, didn’t have anything better to do, I guess. Anyway, right after we got here, Sanchez decided to carve out his mini–empire and the place turned into a bloody mess—literally.
    "Fred wouldn’t leave when the State Department suggested it was time for Americans to get out, so I stayed and chased around after him, playing nurse, soldier and gofer. I have no illusions whatsoever about what El Presidente will or will not do to get what he wants, so when Zaragoza is on a corporate agenda, they ask for me."
    "Well, this time asking for you was a mistake." He didn’t ask; he told her. "You can’t afford to let a job like this get personal, and this time it’s personal for you right down the line."
    Acasia shrugged. "Yeah, well… what can I say? Who was I going to trust with you?"
    Cameron rubbed the back of his neck incredulously. "My God, you are arrogant, aren’t you?"
    She smiled sheepishly. "You’ve met my father and my brother. Do you honestly expect anything less from me?"
    Gray eyes laughed with her. "No."
    They regarded one another, the laughter bringing them closer.
    "This may be a little late," Acasia said shyly, "but, uh… thanks for not letting me go off half–cocked out there today. I don’t usually lose it like that…." She hunched uncomfortably and stopped.
    There was so much about her… Even through the day’s grime, the serviceable clothing, she was intrinsically woman, heady, earthy, titillating. With an effort, Cameron kept himself from moving nearer.
    "Sorry I was so rough, but you surprised me a bit, though I don’t know why. You always did try to protect everyone you knew. I rather liked that about you."
    "I know." She raised a finger, meaning to trace a line down his chest, but she pulled it away without touching him. Cameron started to cup her face, but he let his hands drop to his sides before they reached her. "You know what happened when I thought you were engaged?"
    "No, what?" If he couldn’t touch her soon…
    Come to me, Cam. Come to me,
she begged silently. "I broke a wineglass, and Fred had to put six stitches in my hand."
    A delighted chuckle rumbled from Cameron, and he took the first step and drew a line down Acasia’s nose. "Good," he said emphatically. "I’m glad I’m not the only idiot

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