Wartime Princess

Wartime Princess by Valerie Wilding

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Authors: Valerie Wilding
time Philip was there! I wonder…
    He’s left to join his ship now, so she’s sad, but she’ll have nice memories. And there’ll be lots of letters, I’m sure.

August 25th
    Great news! Our armed forces have freed Paris from the Nazis! Imagine how happy the French people must be. Papa said, ‘Wine will flow freely tonight!’
    Not many doodlebugs get through these days. Oh, it’s wonderful! Things are turning in our favour. I wish that fiend (as Granny calls him) Hitler would just give up. He must know he’s going to be beaten.

September 9th
    Good news and bad news.
    The good news is that Belgium has been liberated from the Nazis. They’re free.
    The bad news is that, far from giving up, Hitler’s fighting back with a terrible new weapon. I must keep it a deathly secret, because Mr Churchill doesn’t want the people to know about it, in case it starts panic.
    It’s a new type of doodlebug. The first one was officially known as the V1. This is the V2, and it’s even more powerful. It flies faster than the speed of sound, and no one knows it’s coming. The explosion makes a huge crater in the ground, and everything around it is destroyed. The people are being told that the explosions are from gas mains, whatever they are. All I know is my papa looks terribly strained.
    An awful thought has hit me. If the king shares the responsibility for his people with the prime minister, leading the country through war could be something my lovely, pretty sister will have to do one day. Well, I’ll be there for her. She can share it with me, too. Allah always says, ‘A trouble shared is a trouble halved.’
    But I’ll always be thankful that it’s not me who’ll be queen.

September 20th
    Mummy said there haven’t been any of those horrid V2 rockets for a couple of days now. Perhaps the Nazis have run out.
    I’ve knitted my first sock without dropping stitches and having to have them rescued. Lilibet said we should tell the newspapers, so I hit her on the head with The Times !

October 5th
    I spoke too soon. The V2s are back. I don’t know if Londoners really believe the explosions are all caused by gas.
    Papa’s going abroad again soon, to visit troops in Holland. Strange to think that not so long ago he wouldn’t have been able to do that, because the country was overrun by Germans.

October 26th
    Princess Beatrice has died. She was eighty-seven, which is an enormous age. Her mother was Queen Victoria, whose reign, apart from one year, was in the last century. From where I’m sitting, I can see her portrait. How old-fashioned she seems to us twentieth century girls.

November 4th
    Lilibet talked today about our grandfather – Mummy’s father, the Earl of Strathmore.
    â€˜He’s not well at all,’ she said.
    â€˜Is it his chest again?’ I asked. He had the most dreadful cough last time we saw him.
    She nodded. ‘He has bronchitis. It’s very bad, Margaret.’
    The way she said it made me stop asking questions, because I didn’t want to hear the answers.
    Poor Mummy must be terribly worried.

November 8th
    Our grandfather died yesterday. He was such a sweetie – deaf as a post, but he always smiled as if he could hear what I was saying. Uncle Patrick will be the Earl now, as he’s the oldest son.
    Poor Mummy. She’s so brave.

November 27th
    A beastly, horrible thing happened on Saturday. A V2 rocket hit a Woolworths shop in London. It was lunchtime, so lots of workers were in there shopping. Nearly 150 people were killed, but more may have died since. Of course, the people know now that these massive explosions aren’t caused by gas. The prime minister told them a couple of weeks ago. How terrifying to know you could be wiped out in an instant, all because that mad Hitler wants to take

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