Wanderlust by Natalie K. Martin

Book: Wanderlust by Natalie K. Martin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Natalie K. Martin
    ‘He doesn’t do them anymore,’ Selina replied, feeling the need to defend him. ‘He was really great. I don’t know what I would’ve done if he weren’t there.’
    ‘Why do I get the feeling that now he’s done his knight in shining armour act, you’re going to start obsessing over him?’
    ‘I’m not.’
    ‘I don’t believe you. I mean, yesterday you were resorting to the fact he walks around barefoot as a reason not to fancy him.’
    ‘I know, but…’ Selina tailed off. How could she put it into words?
    While she'd been lying down in the truck hallucinating, she'd seen her time in Colinas Verde playing out in heightened colour and sound and had been aware of Alex next to her, feeling perfectly safe. In her hallucinations, or visions, or whatever they were, she’d felt closer to him than she ever had with anybody, and it hadn’t stopped when she’d woken up. It was as if everything that she’d hated about him to begin with had simply melted away, even when he’d told her about the ex and the life he’d left behind. It had made him vulnerable, and that was why she’d hugged him afterwards. She’d felt the need to let him know she didn’t think badly of him and she’d been unable to articulate it with words. His body had felt warm and perfect alongside hers, and once she’d started to touch him, she hadn’t wanted to stop.
    ‘But what?’ Natasha asked, jolting her out of her memory.
    Selina sighed. ‘Nothing. It doesn’t matter.’
    She couldn’t explain it and, even if she could, Natasha wouldn’t understand. How could she, when Selina didn’t understand it herself?
    ‘You didn’t do anything with him, did you?’
    ‘It wasn’t like that. It was…’ she searched for the right word. ‘It wasn’t sexual. It was like we connected on another level.’
    ‘Do you know how you sound right now?’
    ‘I know, but I don’t know how else to describe it. Besides, it wouldn’t have been right for anything to happen.’
    ‘No, it wouldn’t, but you sound disappointed.’
    Alex hadn’t done anything other than let her hug him, and wrap an arm protectively around her shoulder. And while she was happy he hadn’t taken advantage of her, there was a part of her that wished she’d have kissed him. She could have, too. After playing with his hair and stroking his neck, it wouldn’t have taken much to tip things over the edge. She’d never felt so turned on in her life and she was sure she’d have felt the same way even if she hadn’t drunk that water. She’d known that something would happen. She just hadn’t banked on the night turning out the way it had.
    ‘It’s for the best,’ Selina said in as bright a voice as she could manage. ‘Anyway, he’s leaving tomorrow.’
    ‘Listen, I have to get back to work,’ Natasha said. ‘You should rest up.’
    ‘I couldn’t do anything else, even if I wanted to.’
    ‘Good. And listen, you’re right about it being for the best that nothing happened last night. You’d only have regretted it this morning.’
    She was sure Natasha was right, but she didn’t say anything more except than to ring off. She stuck her arm out of the covers to put her phone on the bedside table before pulling the blanket over her head and going back to sleep.
    When she awoke two hours later, Selina sat up in bed and rolled her head from side to side. Her body ached from lying down for too long and she stretched after getting out of bed. She sniffed the t-shirt she’d fallen asleep in and pulled a face. Being stuck under a blanket all day in the Ibizan heat didn’t do any good for personal hygiene. She swung open her window to let some air circulate around the room and opened her bedroom door.
    ‘Hey,’ Alex said. ‘How you doing?’
    He was sitting on the sofa with his feet propped up on the coffee table, eating a bowl of soup.
    Selina nodded. ‘Good. I think I’ve slept enough to last me for a lifetime. I’m just going to take a

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