Untouched: a Cedar Cove Novella

Untouched: a Cedar Cove Novella by Melody Grace

Book: Untouched: a Cedar Cove Novella by Melody Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melody Grace
history. An unstoppable passion. Torn between her past and future,
Juliet struggles to separate love from desire. But will they find a
way to overcome their tragic secrets—together? And after so much
damage has been done, can a love remain unbroken?

    I’m doing eighty on
the highway with all the windows down, my dirty blonde hair whipping
like crazy in the wind. I’ve got my Ray-Ban sunglasses on, and the
radio playing country classics as loud as my beat-up old Camaro will
go, trying to drown out the whispers of memory that started, the
minute I took the freeway exit onto the familiar coastal road.
    45 miles to Cedar Cove.
    45 miles to Emerson.
    I shake it off. We were
coming here for years before I met him, I remind myself sternly.
Every summer when I was a kid. Months filled with playing in the surf
and reading out on our shady back porch. I should have other, better
memories of this place without him.
    But you haven’t
been back here since.
    I block out the
treacherous voice in my head, yelling along with the radio instead.
    “Gone like a freight
train, gone like yesterday…”
    The song is right, I
decide. It’s gone. That summer is so far behind me, I couldn’t
see it in my rearview mirror if I tried. I’m a different person to
the screwed-up, headstrong girl I was the last time I drove down this
sandy road. I’m twenty-two now, just a month away from graduating
college and starting out a whole new life. I’ve got a perfect
boyfriend back in the city, and a great career all lined up. Despite
everything that happened here that summer, I made it out—made
myself into the person I wanted to be—and even though coming back
to Cedar Cove makes me feel sick and dizzy, like I’m about to jump
out of a plane in total freefall, this weekend won’t change any of
    It can’t.
    Besides, I tell myself,
trying to calm the shiver of nerves in my stomach, I don’t even
know if he’s still here. I don’t know anything about Emerson
anymore. My idle midnight searches online always come up blank. He
could be half-way around the world by now, trekking in the African
jungle, or knocking back beers on some beach in Australia with a
tall, stacked bikini model at his side.
    Tucked under his
arm, the place I used to be…
    I crank the radio even
louder, the country twang ringing so hard I don’t even hear my
cellphone, I just see the screen light up from where I tucked it in
the cup-holder on my dashboard. Lacey. My best friend. I answer,
struggling to turn the volume down and keep a hand on the steering
wheel. I know I shouldn’t talk and drive, but way out of the city
out here, I won’t see a cop for miles.
    “Hey Lacey, what’s
    “Are you there yet?”
She demands.
    “Close.” I check
the clock again, “About a half-hour away.”
    “I still can’t
believe Danny boy didn’t go with you.” There’s a muffled noise
as she gets comfy, and when she speaks again. I can just picture her,
curled up in our student apartment in Charlotte, looking out of the
window over the bustle of downtown. “Isn’t this the kind of thing
future fiancés are legally obligated to do?” she asks, “Packing
up the summer house you haven’t stepped foot in since… Well, you
know.” she trails off.
    The silence sits in the
air between us, heavy with grief. Emerson isn’t the only ghost
lurking in this town. The pain he caused me was only half my broken
    I gulp a lungful of
fresh, salty air and force the demons out of my mind. “First of
all, we don’t know he’s planning to propose.” I shift the phone
to a more comfortable position under my ear.
    “Please.” Lacey
snorts. “His parents love you, you’re moving in together after
graduation, and he’s been dropping not-so-subtle hints about your
taste in jewelry for months now.”
    “You didn’t tell me
that!” My stomach kicks, but this time, it’s with

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