Untamed: Bad Boy Fighter Romance (Fighting for Gisele #2)

Untamed: Bad Boy Fighter Romance (Fighting for Gisele #2) by Emily Jane Trent

Book: Untamed: Bad Boy Fighter Romance (Fighting for Gisele #2) by Emily Jane Trent Read Free Book Online
Authors: Emily Jane Trent
noisy. Fighters, coaches, and support crew were moving about, getting ready. Harlan was at the back wall with one foot up on a bench, studying his clipboard.
    When Micah came over, the coach looked up. “Any issues getting in?”
    “No…I just said hello to Nadia.”
    The coach didn’t take the bait. “Yeah, I’m sure she’s a big fan.” He waved his clipboard toward a room. “Go get a massage. I want you loosened up for this.”
    Wisely, separate spaces had been set up for the fighters. There was a lot of macho posturing, and it wouldn’t do to have fights break out in the back room. To avoid such incidents, it was best not to have the competitors face off until they got in the ring.
    Micah walked through an open curtain, then the masseuse closed it behind him. He jumped up on the table, and the guy started working Micah’s shoulders. After the massage, the coach came in to wrap Micah’s hands and give him a pep talk.
    “Kick some ass today,” Harlan said, and slapped him on the back.
    A big part of winning was mental, so while Micah waited for his turn in the ring, he prepared. Boxing operated within a gray area, on the dark fringes of competitive sport. There was a sense of spectacle to it, and the crowd would roar over a punch that bloodied Micah’s face as much they would if his fist connected with his opponent’s jaw.
    It was men fighting in the ring, possibly to the death. The nature of the underground circuit magnified the audience allure; the rawness of a brutal match provided a glimpse of truth. A fighter was either ready or he wasn’t, and that would be evident to all attendees.
    Micah was confident in his skill and fighting ability. But he had respect for his opponent’s skill as well; it would be foolhardy not to. In those pre-fight moments, all doubt or uncertainty were swept away, so negative thoughts had no foothold in Micah’s mind. He felt like a champion, and that was exactly what he intended to be out in the ring.
    Several bouts were scheduled before Micah’s. A few minutes before his match, he stood in the hall, looking from a vantage point where he could see out to the ring. The shouts of the crowd were deafening, and the lights blinding.
    Luke came up behind him and stood looking out at the mayhem. “You ready for this?”
    Micah nodded. His thirst for fighting took over, and like a horse behind the starting gate, he was impatient. He hopped from one foot to the other and swung his arms overhead, then side to side to stay limber. Two fighters staggered by, sweaty and breathing hard.
    Then the music started up, booming through the speakers. The coach stood just outside the ring and flagged Micah to enter. He jogged along the walkway out into the main room. The crowd cheered, anxious for another bloodbath.
    The coach opened the ropes and Micah got in the ring. Adrenaline pumped through his veins, making him feel like a lion after its prey. There was no fear, no pain, only the challenger who had to be taken down.
    The announcer shouted, “In this corner, Micah Thu-u-under Pu-u-unch Rinaldi!” Fisting the air with his gloves, Micah jumped around the ring, showing off. Then he retreated to his corner, where his coach waited with Luke.
    Micah looked into the crowd, spotting Gisele in the front row with Zeke on one side and Abby on the other. She stood up, wildly waving her arms to show support, and he grinned at her. Seeing her there meant a lot. He felt that he was fighting for her, and that was strong motivation.
    All attention shifted to the other man who climbed into the ring. The Cuban was solidly built. His dark, curly hair was short. He had no tattoos, earrings, or other adornments to detract from his form. He was all honed muscle and confidence.
    “And in this corner…Rudi Iro-o-on Fi-i-ist Lopez!”
    The referee conferred with the two boxers in the center of the ring, reminding them of the rules. Underground fighting protocol followed the form of amateur boxing, even if the

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