Unchained Hearts (Baxter Family Saga)

Unchained Hearts (Baxter Family Saga) by Palessa

Book: Unchained Hearts (Baxter Family Saga) by Palessa Read Free Book Online
Authors: Palessa
for a few minutes.”
    “So, what’s his name and when are you guys going to meet up again?” Jo teased.
    She chuckled. “His name? I don’t know. We just started talking. As far as us going out? That phone call he took was from his girlfriend.”
    Mel and Jo looked at their friend KC. She was one of the smartest, most gorgeous girls on campus and had the worst luck with men they’d ever seen. They were either intimidated by her or flat-out bored her silly. This was the first time either of them saw her even remotely interested in a guy since they’d known her. One day her luck would change, they each thought.
    “Well, that sucks,” Mel said. “But like my mother said, ‘you never know.’”
    With that, Jo and Mel shared their bar tales. Both of them had met a couple of cute guys, but one was on the rebound. KC listened and nodded, but all she could think of was Brazil.


    Kyle looked at her next appointment. Ever since she decided to volunteer as a math tutor, her schedule had been packed. She was a couple of semesters shy of graduation, and would finish her degree in just three years. This tutoring gig fulfilled her volunteer requirement. She could have gone to any university, but the minute she checked out this small school just outside of Atlanta, she’d loved it. She wanted to pursue her business degree, maybe even get a minor in finance at a good school away from home. Despite its small size, Georgia Metropolitan was ranked one of the best in the nation. 
    She looked at her watch. Fifteen minutes after the hour. If he didn’t show up in the next five, she was scratching him. Just as she was about to get up, the door opened suddenly. She saw that familiar mass of dark blond hair and that wide smile.
    “Well hello, Chelsea girl.”
    He picked up the paper and looked at his tutor.
    She looked at her sheet. “Randy Hall?” 
    He nodded. 
    “You’re late.”
    That was a splash of cold water.
    “I...um...lost track of time.”
    He saw her focusing on his neck and gave her a look.
    “Royal Pink Pucker,” Kyle concluded.
    “I’m sorry?”
    “Well, apparently, your reason for losing track of time wears Royal Pink Pucker.”
    Randy could feel his cheeks warm as he rubbed his neck. “How did you—”
    “We have a few students who make some extra money selling cosmetics. One of them conned me into trying that. Not my color.”
    “You don’t need any of that stuff anyway,” he blurted. Randy could see a blush of red under his new tutor’s cafe au lait skin.  
    Clearing her throat, Kyle shuffled a few papers around her desk and focused on her student. “We have about forty minutes, so let’s get started.”
    Randy was slightly intimidated by his tutor at first, but he had to admit she was good. She put him through his paces and helped him see the numbers in a different way. He needed to take a couple of calculus classes for this chemistry major and he was really shaky on the concepts.
    “Wow! Thanks. Are you free for the entire semester?” Randy was surprised at the dreamy tone in his question then quickly added, “I need to make sure I ace this class.” 
    “You can book me with the desk and we can work it out. Just make sure you keep better track of time.”
    Walking to the door, she could feel his eyes on her. KC had long noticed the look some men gave her when they thought she wasn’t paying attention. As one of her exes put it, she tended to saunter and sway. The difference was this time her body tingled with awareness at the very thought Randy was in the same room with her. KC’s nipples hardened and when they brushed against the fabric on her shirt, it gave her a start. 
    She opened the door to let Randy out and was assaulted by a fragrance so heavy it nearly knocked the breath from her. She looked outside and saw a mass of golden red hair and a big smile.
    “Royal Pink Pucker, I presume,” she pronounced as she gave Randy a wry smile. He grinned sheepishly and stepped out,

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