Unbroken: Country Fever, Book 3

Unbroken: Country Fever, Book 3 by Em Petrova

Book: Unbroken: Country Fever, Book 3 by Em Petrova Read Free Book Online
Authors: Em Petrova
its leg.
    From sun up to sun down, Christian was breaking his back with work. He almost wished for some really foul weather so he could have another day off from the road crew. Still, the ranch duties never ceased.
    He tugged his gloves out of his back pocket and grabbed the fence gingerly. When he didn’t piss down his leg, he set about disconnecting the wires from the broken stile. A few twists of the screwdriver freed the wires. Then he set about replacing the post.
    A dull ache between his shoulder blades distracted him. As soon as he finished this chore, a scalding shower had his name on it. Standing under a hot spray for half an hour sounded like the most decadent pleasure right now.
    He squinted at the sun. Nope—no time to dawdle in that shower. Claire would be coming up the gravel drive soon.
    Shivers started in his core, excitement building. He tapped the top of the post with the sledge, watching the base disappear into the rich, loamy earth.
    The tamp of hooves brought his head up from his task. Two horses, black-and-white speckled beasts with manes flying, galloped past him in the fenced-in area beside the one where he worked.
    For a moment, Christian watched their display of strength and grace. Wishing he had someone to share this with. His muscles were screaming with exhaustion, but the crisp, grass-scented breeze was in his face.
    Tucker was out there running the prairie like a wild mustang too, tamed by no one. It should anger Christian more that he was left to do his friend’s dirty work. But if he were here, Christian wouldn’t have gotten a chance to know Claire.
    All those smiles .
    The grinding noise of tires on gravel made his heart freeze, flip and fly out of control. With quick movements, he compressed the earth around the post with his boot then reconnected the wires.
    By the time he switched on the power, Claire was wandering the grounds, looking for him. “Christian!” Her melodic voice drifted to him on the wind.
    With a shake of his head, he wondered how the hell he’d gotten so lucky this time.
    Don’t get ahead of yourself, Davis. You don’t know how she feels yet.
    Shouldering the sledge and the old post, and with the screwdriver in hand, he strode down the hill toward her.
    She stood against the fence with Boomerang, watching him come. Hair loose now around her shoulders, the wind grabbing at her uniform dress. That stiff little white collar stood up as if waving at him to come on and do his worst. Tell her how he felt, shove that crisp fabric aside and kiss her throat.
    As their gazes locked, they shared a grin. He came on, loping faster.
    Boomerang nudged her hand, and she lifted it to absently stroke the animal’s furry head.
    “So much for getting a shower before you arrived.” He tipped the things he carried to the ground and leaned them against the fence.
    “Don’t let me stop you. I still need to change too. Not very easy to climb the fences in this.” She smoothed her palms down her hips, conforming the cloth to her curves.
    For a moment, she just stared at him. “You look tired.”
    “Am tired.” Dog tired. But if you agree to wrap those round thighs around my head, I’ll show you just how not tired I can be.
    She swayed toward him but caught herself before their bodies touched.
    Words jumped onto his tongue. “I was thinking.”
    “Do that often?”
    “Smartass.” He huffed out a chuckle. Then he wrapped his fingers around her wrist, overlapping the digits. “Look. You waste a hell of a lot of gas and lose extra minutes of sleep coming up here every morning.”
    Something shifted behind her eyes. “I’m happy to help out.” Her voice raised on the last word in a defensive echo of her posture. She extended one foot and tapped it.
    “No, Claire, you misunderstand me. I don’t want you to stop coming up. I want you to start staying here with me.”
    Shock washed her features clean. “What?”
    “Yeah.” He wanted to look away, too worried about her

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