Turner's Vision
private of areas. Micah stroked her lips with his tongue, asking her to open up for him.
    Under his insistence, she parted her lips. The surge of desire that swept through him with the touch of her tongue softly, tentatively stroking his flooded his senses. He fought to control this overwhelming need to claim her as his, to let the animal inside him loose on her innocence.
    He eased the kiss back, gentling it. His lips leaving hers, Micah pulled back to see the look of desire on her face. With a deep chuckle at the confused passion he saw in her eyes, he reached under her knees to lift her into his arms. Carrying her over to the bed he placed her in the center. Then he opened the buttons on his shirt and pulled it swiftly off. When he leaned down to kiss her parted lips once more, he let the thick hair on his chest brush across the swell of her breasts. He chuckled again as she sucked in her breath at the contact.
    Then he walked back to the dressing table and took the key he’d left in her care, this time locking them in together. To slow his quickly growing need, he sat in the large chair by the armoire, removing his boots. Standing to open the fastenings of his pants, he turned facing the bed. As he removed them, he once again heard the intake of Claudia’s breath.
    “I’m not sure this is going to work.” A note of fear laced her voice.
    “Claudia, if you want to back out now I’ll stop and leave.” He’d die from the pain, but he wouldn’t force her. But he’d do everything to change her mind he could. Sitting on the bed, he stroked the inside of her upper arm, just brushing her breast. “I thought you were a true adventuress.”
    “I am. I just don’t think…”
    “That’s right, I don’t want you to think. I don’t want you to think about anything.” He twisted sideways, stretching out beside her, his hands coming up to circle her face. “All I want you to do is feel. This is an adventure in sensations, a trip into the jungle of passion, along the river of desire.” With each word he let his hands stroke her cheek, the length of her neck, the swells of her breasts. “We’ll start out slow, let the fire build. And when you’re sure—really sure, you’ll let me know.” His lips caressed her ear, stroking it with his tongue, breathing lightly across it with each breath.
    “Then I’m going to take you to a place you’ve never been before.” Moving lower, he trailed light kisses down her neck, lingering over the pulse point at the hollow of her throat, leaning back to watch her eyes open with the desire filling her. “You will let me know when you’re ready, won’t you?”
    “Uh huh.” Claudia was having trouble concentrating on his words. The sensations his hands and lips were creating all over her body numbed her thoughts. All she knew now was she wanted him to continue what he was doing. When his lips came up to capture hers, they drew the very breath from her soul. Her skin felt cool to his touch, while her stomach and femininity were growing warmer with each caress.
    This time she opened her lips willingly, wanting his tongue to enter and explore at its will. Tentatively, she stroked it with the tip of her own tongue and delighted in the groan that escaped her husband.
    Micah drew her up against him so that Claudia could feel the heat of him, the long powerful length of him, pressed at the junction of her thighs. And heaven help her, she loved every bit of it.
    Suddenly his hands were everywhere and before she knew it, he’d opened her shift and skimmed it off of her body, tossing it behind him on the floor. Micah pushed her back ever so slightly, gazing down at the two small mounds of her breasts. Not wanting to see the rejection on his face when he saw how small they were, Claudia closed her eyes and tried to cover them with her hands.
    Gently, he swept them away. “Don’t. I want to see just how perfect you are. I want to taste each bright bud, mold each with my hands. I want

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