Trifariam, The Lost Codex (2012)

Trifariam, The Lost Codex (2012) by Diego Rodriguez

Book: Trifariam, The Lost Codex (2012) by Diego Rodriguez Read Free Book Online
Authors: Diego Rodriguez
had violently slammed into him. The room started spinning and then he passed out.
    Alpha 2 lifted up the body up by the shoulders as if it were a feather and sat it on one of the benches, while a group of people who had seen what had happened ran away into the station.
    Meanwhile, Alpha 1 was closing in on his prey. James ran just seven feet ahead of Mary, while Alpha 1 chased sixteen feet behind. The distance was getting smaller; twelve feet, eight feet, four feet… the killer reached out his arm intending to grab Mary’s rucksack, but she sharply turned left. She was heading in a different direction from James, catching the assailant off guard. It took him one second to decide who he should follow; the girl was the best option. He could use her as bait later on.
    Mary leapt onto the train platforms, while the thug followed close behind. She ran as far she could until she reached the door of one of the empty cars and, not knowing where to go, launched into a frenzied race down the aisle, knocking over all the cleaning paraphernalia that stood in the way. But when she was least expecting it, Alpha 2 emerged from one of the front doors with a gun in his hand. She tried to escape the same way she had come, but behind her was Alpha 1, blocking her path and wielding a knife. There was no way out; she was trapped. She looked at her watch; there were still fifteen minutes until the train departed for Rome. James and the book weren’t safe yet.
    “Keep quiet, bitch!”
    He slapped Mary’s face, making it pour with blood.
    “I won’t tell you again. Tell me which train Mr. Oldrich is thinking of getting or I’ll slash your belly open like a peach!”
    Mary was on her knees. She looked up until she was staring her assailant straight in the eye and she spat in his face, receiving another, even more violent slap in return.
    Alpha 1 looked at his accomplice while he wiped the traces of blood and spit from his face. “Go and look in the other trains, especially the long distance ones. Something tells me they wanted to get far away from here.”
    Alpha 2 ran out of the carriage, already knowing what lay in store for the woman; although he would love to have been the one who wiped her out, an order was an order. They had been trained to kill from a young age and that was what they knew best. The woman knew too much and she had to die.
    Despite being on her knees and covered in blood at the killer’s feet, Mary didn’t beg for mercy, which only spurred on her attacker. His would finally be able to kill somebody who was brave and didn’t fear death, something that made him deeply excited. He reached into his pocket and took out a double-edged knife, serrated along one side and smooth on the other. He continued with his threats. “This knife is the one the Seals use.” He roughly grabbed the woman’s arm due to her lack of cooperation. “If you don’t tell me where that idiot is, I’ll saw your arm until you pass out from the pain.”
    Even though she knew her life was in danger, Mary wouldn’t say anything. She didn’t want the book to fall into the wrong hands, so she shut her eyes and succumbed to the pain she was destined to suffer.
    A heavy thud made her suddenly open them, giving her the greatest surprise of her life when she saw the killer lying on the ground, clutching his groin and contorted in pain. James had appeared out of nowhere to deliver him a hard kick to the crotch. It had been such a violent kick that the ex-soldier was writhing in agony on the ground and vomiting.
    “Let’s go. Run!” The professor reached out his hand and helped her up. “The other guy is nearby. I saw him get on the train next to the one which is going to Rome.”
    After leaning out and checking that he wasn’t around, they decided to jump onto the platform. Their train was fairly close. They ran alongside all the cars of a regional train until they reached the driver’s compartment. A sharp whistle startled them; one of the

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