Too Close To The Fire/Too Hot To Handle (Montana Men 3)

Too Close To The Fire/Too Hot To Handle (Montana Men 3) by Jaydyn Chelcee

Book: Too Close To The Fire/Too Hot To Handle (Montana Men 3) by Jaydyn Chelcee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jaydyn Chelcee
fingers fluttered around his balls, and she gently squeezed
the spongy sacs.
moaned. “You’re killing me, baby.”
laughed softly. “I intend to.”
laved the tip of his cock with tiny, kittenish licks and nips until he squirmed
like something wild and bucked madly. At long last, she settled her mouth
hungrily around the broad head and sucked it like it was an all-day sucker.
dug his fingers in the bedding, thrust urgently, and let her have her wicked
way with him. In seconds, he groaned, thrust hard and erupted like a geyser
filled with hot steam.
Jesus.” He didn’t think he was going to stop coming. It had been so long since
a woman had touched him intimately, since he’d climaxed. His balls tightened
painfully. His seed gushed in long, hard bursts. When it was over, Dianna
sighed and curled up against him.
now,” she said drowsily and fell asleep against him.
hadn’t meant for that to happen, not when he’d first set out to pleasure her.
He’d wanted things to remain clinical. But what had just happened between them
wasn’t clinical. It was hot. Dianna was hot. Hell, she’d practically roasted
him alive with her tongue, teeth, and mouth. “Shit. I am not in love
with her. I’m not!”
clenched his fingers into fists. He was very much afraid he was lying to
himself. The question was—
the hell did he do about it?

    Chapter Nine

not cheap, but I am on special this week.

    North Western Australia
    The Kimberly
    February 8, Sunday

the end, Taylor decided to do nothing about his feelings for Dianna. He lay
there and stared into the darkness, in the shelter, his gut twisted in knots.
So what if the woman had somehow wiggled her way right into his heart? He sure
as hell wasn’t going to admit to her he’d fallen for her like some lovesick
wasn’t about to change his mind about using her as revenge against Jace,
either. He owed Jace. The bastard had seduced his sister. The least he could do was return the favor.
he wished morning would hurry up and arrive, but dawn was at least another hour
away. It was still dark. It was still raining. He shifted and suddenly realized
Dianna’s fingers were splayed around his cock.
the woman acted as if his dick was her own personal toy or exclusive property.
His cock twitched with the memory of Dianna getting him off. Damn, it had felt
good. Touching her intimately was incredible, too.
long night had been filled with soft sighs, tender touches, wet kisses, tongues
and teeth. Slow titillation at its supreme best. They were primed and ready.
Sooner or later, the overload would short-circuit. The major meltdown would be
more powerful than an explosion at a nuclear plant.
night had been spent teasing the senses. They’d done everything to each other
except consummate the final act. Their needs were temporarily satisfied, but
they were nowhere near to being sated. Tension, desire, and need still
surrounded them, and this wild, crazy connection that kept drawing them
together wasn’t going away.
he’d put his own needs on the back burner the first time he touched her last
night, he’d enjoyed giving her pleasure. Dianna had returned the favor by
giving his cock plenty of sweet, wet love and lots of tongue.
knew very well, before too many more hours crept by, he’d be exactly where he
wanted to be—shaft deep inside her hot little pussy. Shit. He needed to get out
of this hut and cool off before he gave in and shoved his cock inside her. Pissed
at needing and wanting her so much flooded his soul.
wanted her to beg him to fuck her. He wanted to look Jace in the eye and lay
all the blame for her seduction on her.
shook her awake. “Let me up.”
not holding you down,” she grumbled.
hell you aren’t. You have one arm wrapped around my neck tight enough to

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