To Catch a Man (In 30 Days or Less) (The BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES Series)

To Catch a Man (In 30 Days or Less) (The BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES Series) by Judy Angelo

Book: To Catch a Man (In 30 Days or Less) (The BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES Series) by Judy Angelo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Judy Angelo
the hell were you
    “Just be quiet, will you?”  Came
his biting retort.  “I need to concentrate.”
    “You need to concentrate,” Indiana
muttered.  “Concentrate on getting us lost is what you’re doing.  No map.  And
now we’re lost all the way out in this wild countryside.”  He shot her an angry
look and she shut up.  Pissing him off was not going to work.  Better to spend
her energy thinking of a way to get them out of this mess.  She did a quick
calming exercise, breathing in and breathing out three times and only then did
she speak again.  “How long ago did you realize you weren’t on the right
    There was a delay of about ten
seconds then Stone responded.  “About twenty minutes ago.”
    “About twenty min-”  Indie stared
at him in disbelief.  “But you didn’t say anything.”
    “I thought I’d just drive some
more, see if a familiar landmark showed up.”
    Indie wanted so badly to blast him
but she held her tongue.  He was a man, after all.  He couldn’t help it.  For
some reason unknown to humankind men could never be influenced to ask for directions. 
Or, in this case, to get a damn map.  Okay, Indie, stay calm.  Blowing your
top is not going to help anybody.
    She looked ahead at the sun sliding
toward the horizon.  “Okay, we have about forty to fifty minutes of daylight
left.  How are we on gas?”
    “Good,” he said, visibly relaxing
now that she’d changed her tone.  “A little over half a tank.”
    “Okay.”  She raised herself up and
leaned over to where her backpack lay on the back seat.  She dug around till
she found her notebook then pulled a pen from the outside pocket.  She looked
around ,surveying the terrain, then began to sketch.  “Immediately you had a
doubt you should have said something to me,” she said, not looking up. 
“There’s no shame in asking for help.”
    “Yeah, yeah,” Stone said, his tone sarcastic. 
“Ask for help from a girl.  Everyone knows that women have no sense of
    “What?  Don’t let me slap you
upside your head.  And I would do it, too, if we weren’t in such a dangerous
position.  We’re on the African continent, in case you’d forgotten.  The land
of lions and hyenas.”  She glanced to the back of the Jeep.  “Speaking of
which, does this Jeep have a cover?”
    He glanced at her then focused
again on the road.
    Oh Lord, that obviously meant no. 
They were in big trouble.  She rose up again and reached over to slide her hand
into her backpack.  She pulled out a curved dagger with jagged edges.  It was
almost a foot long.
    Stone glanced over at her and did a
double take.  “What the hell?  Where did you get that?”
    “My backpack,” she said, her tone
casual.  “You didn’t think I was coming all the way to Africa without
protection, did you?”
    He still looked stunned.  “But…do
you even know how to use that thing?”
    She slid her thumb along the thin
edge of the blade, testing its sharpness.  “Who?  Sylvester?  He's served me
well over the years.  Skinned many a rabbit, gutted lots of fish.  Great at
peeling the hide from a deer.”
    His eyes widened as he stared at
her.  “You’re a hunter?”
    She grinned.  “Let’s put it this
way.  I hunt a lot better than I cook.”  She slid the big knife beneath her
thigh and picked up her paper again.  “The sun sets in the west so Johannesburg
is that way as the crow flies.”  She pointed in the direction exactly opposite
to where Stone was heading.  “You need to turn around and head back the way you
    He gave her a doubtful look.  “Are
you sure?”
    “Positive.”  She didn’t take her
eyes off him until he began to turn the Jeep around.  “Tell me something,” she
said, "are you carrying a weapon?”
    He glared at her as if she shouldn’t
have had to ask. “Shotgun.  It’s on the floor in the back.”
    She gave him a brusque nod. 
“Good.  If any

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