Those Angstrom Men!.

Those Angstrom Men!. by Edwina J White

Book: Those Angstrom Men!. by Edwina J White Read Free Book Online
Authors: Edwina J White
year, when the mail delivery doubled in size, and Ian couldn’t go out without being accosted by some young woman, and they came in all shapes, sizes and colours, David thought it brilliant of his big brother to start dating models and actresses who welcomed the publicity being on Ian’s arm brought. They had their pictures snapped everywhere, and being in professions where publicity was a good thing, there was an endless stream of these young, nubile, and too often, intellectually-challenged lovelies waiting in line to be Ian’s date that week
    David had thought it brilliant of Ian to snap that photograph of their cousin Jane’s three small, dirty, mischievous boys and start to carry it around it in wallet.
    Whenever a woman approached him and said, “Aren’t you Ian Ang...” that was as far as they got before Ian would interrupt them.
    “Wish I was that bloke, I’m always being mistaken for him. I’m John Armstrong,” he’d say.
    I f the girls persisted, Ian would whip out the picture and moan about how hard it was to raise three boys on his salary and how he wished he had that Ian bloke’s money... It always worked.
    David didn’t think it so funny when, after Ian met and married Maggie and quickly had a baby daughter, the Managing Director of Wonder Women, looking over how many copies of the magazine they’d sold every time they put Ian’s picture on the cover, realized that Ian had a younger brother...
    ...A younger brother who was equally handsome, tall and well muscled.
    ...A younger brother who was single.
    So what if David didn’t have the billions in the bank that Ian did, he was still a very wealthy man, a millionaire many times over thanks to the inheritance from his godfather, who had been a bestselling author of extremely popular mysteries.
    Uncle David, for who m David had been named of course, had been a life-long bachelor and let his entire estate to his godson, including the royalties from the films and television series based on those novels
    And David’s structural engineering firm was very successful, so even without the inheritance, he was, as the hack writers like to say, financially secure ..
    Wonder Woman knew a good thing when they saw it....
    * * *
    Wonder Woman was owned by the Fowler family.
    The Fowlers were a formidable clan, with their fingers in many pies...telecommunications, magazines, books, films and television series and a chain of regional weekly newspapers. They were to the media sector o f the economy what the Angstroms were to business.
    Franklin Fowler had three daughters and two sons, and they were all groomed from the cradle to one day take over the media empire their father had created.
    Susan, the eldest, ran the newspapers, Franklin Jr. was Chairman of Fowler Telecommunications, Harry ran the publishing company and had been outstandingly successful in the development of his eBook division, and Geraldine was making money hand over fist for the Fowlers with blockbuster films, long running television series and specials that were aired all over the world. Daisy, the youngest, was handed the magazines by default.
    Daisy was the cleverest of this very clever family. She’d been a mistake, her parents joked, born six years after Geraldine, and totally unexpected and unplanned.
    She’d been indulged by her parents and four older siblings, and grew up knowing what would be expected of her.
    Daisy had done her degree in English Literature at Cambridge and gone to Harvard and obtained an M.B.A. Then she’d worked for two years for The Hearst Corporation, starting with a six month stint at Cosmopolitan Magazine and then in Hearst’s Head Office. Daisy considered that her real education began when she went to work for Hearst.
    She was twenty six when she was appointed Managing Director of Fowler Publications, taking over from her father’s older brother.
    The first thing Daisy did when she sat at her new desk was to read three copies from cover to cover of each

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