They Call Me Creature

They Call Me Creature by R.L. Stine

Book: They Call Me Creature by R.L. Stine Read Free Book Online
Authors: R.L. Stine
them to my neck—and began to squeeze.


    â€œUnnnh.” I let out a choked groan. I struggled to pry the big hands off me.
    But the creature was too strong. He pulled me up against the cage. His breath stank. His hands tightened around my throat.
    The animals were bleating and crying, shaking their cages, jumping up and down. So loud … so loud my ears rang.
    But as my breath was choked off, the sounds began to fade. The lights began to dim.
    Just as my body started to sag, I heard a shout.
    And then another angry shout. And the big hands slid off my neck. The grunting creature pulled its arms back into the cage.
    I could breathe again. Rubbing my aching throat, I sucked in breath after breath.
    And then I turned and saw Dr. Carpenter hurrying across the room. Her face twisted in shock. “What are you doing here?”
    She didn’t wait for me to answer. She put an arm around my shoulder tenderly and examined my neck. “Are you okay, dear? Can you breathe? That big guy can be dangerous.”
    â€œI … I … ” My throat ached so badly, I could barely whisper. “Those creatures … ” I finally said, waving my hand to the cages. “Did my dad make them all?”
    Dr. Carpenter narrowed her eyes at me. “You shouldn’t be here, Laura.”
    â€œBut—but—” I sputtered.
    â€œYou should have listened to him,” Dr. Carpenter said. “You should have stayed out of the woods.”
    She sighed. “And now he’ll be coming here after you, won’t he? He’ll be coming to stop my work. He already rounded up some of the creatures that escaped from my lab. He’s been scouting the woods, searching for them.”
    â€œI—I don’t understand!” I cried. “Please—”
    â€œWell … I can’t let him stop me,” Dr. Carpenter said angrily. “Not until I’ve found a cure.”
    I blinked. “A cure?” I asked. “A cure for what?”
    She didn’t seem to hear me. Her eyes were on the cages now. “These poor creatures are all failures,” she said, shaking her head. “Look at them. Look what I’ve done to them. Poor things … But I have to succeed. I have to.”
    She turned back to me, her green eyes glowing. “Maybe you can help, Laura.”
    I felt a chill roll down my back. “Huh? Me?”
    She grabbed my shoulder and brought her face close to mine. “You wouldn’t mind sacrificing, would you? Would you, Laura? If it would save a life?”
    I realized I was trembling in terror. What was Dr. Carpenter saying? I couldn’t understand her.
    â€œAre these my dad’s creatures?” I asked. “Are you trying to cure them? Are you going to make them normal again?”
    Dr. Carpenter took a step back from me. She studied my face for a moment, then shook her head. “No, Laura. They’re not your father’s creatures. They’re mine.”
    â€œYours?” my voice shook. “What do you mean?”
    â€œYou’ll understand soon.” She took my arm. “I’ve been preparing you,” she said. “That shot I gave you—it wasn’t for your neck wound. The shot was to prepare you … for the gene transfer.”
    â€œNoooo!” I let out a scream and tore free from her grasp.
    Then I spun away and lurched for the door.
    Pounding their cages, the creatures began to bleat and howl. I glanced back and saw Dr. Carpenter chasing after me.
    â€œOWWWW!” I cried out as I ran into a tall cage by the door. The cage clattered onto its side. And dozens of bats flapped out, chittering and whistling.
    The bats swooped up to the ceiling, then down, fluttering back and forth across the lab.
    As Dr. Carpenter struggled with them, I ducked out the door. Into the long, dark hall.
    My shoes pounded on the faded rug, the floor creaking and squeaking as I ran. I could

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