Their Unusual Mating [Paranormal Protection Unit 5] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Their Unusual Mating [Paranormal Protection Unit 5] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Honor James

Book: Their Unusual Mating [Paranormal Protection Unit 5] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Honor James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Honor James
Tags: Romance
you and my lady Queen to continue gossiping about men and their bodies.”
    “I think that might be best, because I think she and I are going to plot and plan ways to sneak video cameras onto the base so that we can take video of the men in their training sessions, and I really would love to be able to see you as you train as well. I think that you are exceptional, and I would love to see you as you moved as well.”
    “I provide private showings,” he murmured for her ears alone and smiled at her look. Pressing a quick kiss to her cheek, Laighean stepped around her. “All video and photographic equipment will be removed from all persons before they enter the training rooms.”
    “Even if I let you take video and photos of me doing anything that you want me to do?” Rimi shot back with a grin. “I’m more than happy to have you videoing me in private as long as I’m allowed to do so to you, my love.”
    “That’s in private, love, not out in public,” he said quietly to her as he poured another cup of coffee. “And it doesn’t include other, what was the term I overheard, man-candy.” He smiled at Kat and her pink cheeks.
    Rimi winked at him and said, “Damn straight.” Pulling back a little, she patted his chest. “Go and do what you need to, honey. Katherine and I are going to have a bit more of a chat and then she’s going to send one of her men out to get my kittens some food and kitty litter.” She frowned. “I haven’t introduced you to the quads, have I?” She grinned. “They are my kids, my little kittens.”
    Blinking at her, he shook his head. “No, I don’t believe you even mentioned having any kittens,” he said honestly. He really hoped that they took a liking to him. Not all animals liked the Fae. Something that most people didn’t realize thankfully.
    “Yep, I have four of them. They are in my rooms right now, but I really need to go and spend some time with them, and I really would like to have you there with me so that I can introduce them to you, sweetheart.”
    “I’d like that as well,” he told her with a smile. Moving closer, he leaned in to kiss her lightly. “Finish your talk with my lady Queen and I will see you in a couple of hours. We can go and meet your little friends and see if they will like me or not.”
    “Sounds good, love. I have a feeling they will though.” She hoped. She loved her little kittens, even with their attitude, and would hate to have to give them up because they didn’t like Lee, and she would. He was her world now, he meant everything to her, and she would choose him time and again.
    You don’t need to give them up if they don’t like me, sweetheart. Not all animals like all people, he pointed out the obvious, even their owners. Besides, not all animals like the Fae. There’s something about our connection to the Earth that sometimes disturbs and unsettles them.
    “Well let’s hope and pray that they like you, because it would bother me a great deal if they didn’t like you,” she admitted. “I adore the balls of fluff, but I adore you far, far more, darling. You are the center of my world, now at least,” she added with a grin.
    Shrugging, he stepped in close and kissed her lightly. “I love you,” he murmured softly. “We will figure it all out, darling mine,” he whispered against her cheek. “I will see you later and please, for my sanity, don’t figure out any ways of sneaking cameras or video equipment into the training session, or I will tell every guy there and we will all wear as many layers as humanly possible to thwart you.” Smiling cheerfully at her and then Kat, he headed out of the kitchen whistling softly under his breath.
    “Oh, he’s a dirty rotten scoundrel.” She watched him walking away and sighed. “But good lord he’s a freaking beautiful dirty rotten scoundrel,” Rimi said as she turned back to Kat. “He will tell every single one of them to wear lots of layers if we try to sneak in video

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