The Widow's Mail Order Husband (Mail Order Brides)

The Widow's Mail Order Husband (Mail Order Brides) by Susan Leigh Carlton

Book: The Widow's Mail Order Husband (Mail Order Brides) by Susan Leigh Carlton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Leigh Carlton
they walked from the church.
    “It pains me to admit I was wrong.  I enjoyed the service and it was nice seeing some old friends again,” Tom said.

Chapter 19:  Indian Uprisings
    The cowboy was low in the saddle , riding hard and fast.  He looked over his shoulder, and was relieved to see he had outdistanced his pursuers.  He pounded into the area between the barn and the ranch house on the Lazy H.  He pulled up on his horse hard.  He was out of the saddle and running toward the house almost before the horse stopped.
    “Hello the house!” he called out.  “Hello the house,” he called again. Both Rosa and Mary came to the door.
    “What is it,” she asked.
    “Injun raid,” he said in between gasps for air.  His headlong flight had left him short of breath.
    “Where?” the now alarmed Mary asked.
    “The Rocking H,” he said.  “It was the Kiowas.  They’ve killed three of the hands and two others are wounded.  They was chasing after me, but I outrun them.”
    “ Are James and Elizbeth and the children okay?” Mary asked.
    “Miss Elizabeth and the children are okay.  Mr. James is one of those hit.  I’m to tell Tom and then beat it for town to get the doctor,” he said.
    “You go for the doctor, I’ll find Tom and tell him,” Mary said.
    “Thankee ma’am,” he said.  “I’ll just get a drink of water and be on my way.”
    Less than two minutes later, he was on the road to Grapevine, while Mary started toward the corral, hoping to find Tom or one of the hands there.
    She found Sheb, one of the ranch hands there.  “Get Tom,” she told him.  “The Kiowas raided the Rocking H.  Tell him James is hurt, but Elizabeth and the children are okay.”
    Ten minutes, Tom came running into the house.  Mary related the details of the event and told him they had gone for the doctor.  Tom went out of the room and returned, carrying his rifle and two revolvers.  He also had a revolver in a holster on his belt.  “Rosa will show you how to shoot this in case they show up here.”  He handed one gun to Rosa and the other to Mary.  He told Rosa what he wanted her to do and told Mary to listen to Rosa.  “She has been through this before, he said.
    “What are you going to do?” she asked.
    “I’m going to see to James, and then we’re going after them,” he said grimly.
    “Tom, please be careful, we love you and need you,” she said.
    “Rosa,” he said in a choked voice,  “You take care of my family, hear?”
    “Si Senor.  Vaya con Dios, Senor Tomas,” Rosa said.
    Stuffing two boxes of cartridges into his saddlebags, Tom and all of his ranch hands except one headed for the Rocking H.  The man left behind, Case Richards, was a gray haired man who had lived on the Lazy H ranch for over 40 years.  He had been involved in several skirmishes with the Comanches and Kiowa Indians.  He was charged with the safety of the Lazy H women and children.
    “Mrs. Hartness, I’ll be in the hayloft in the barn.  If anyone tries to get in the house from this side, I’ll see them and stop them.  If they try to get in through the front door,  don’t open it, shoot through the door.  If you hear shooting, it will be me.  Stay in the house.  I’m the best shot on this ranch.  That’s why Tom left me here.  Just remember what I said and everything will be all right.”
    Two hours later…
    Mary heard gunshots from the back of the house.  Through the window, she could see three bodies face down, arms flung outward, rifles still in their grasp.  “Rosa, get the children out of here,” she said.  “Stay with them, please.”
    “”But Senora…” Rosa pleaded. 
    “Please, Rosa.”
    “Si Senora,” Rosa said.  She picked Matt out of his cradle and led Emily to the back part of the house.
    Mary could see a wounded Case Richards, empty rifle in his hand, struggling with

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