The Wedding She Always Wanted

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Authors: Stacy Connelly
the complex, a dog barked. A mother called her kids in for dinner, and the scent of barbecue drifted on a hot, dry breeze. Emily blinked up at him, as if waking from the sensual dream holding them captive, to find herself in the middle of a family-friendly neighborhood.
    She ducked her head to hide behind her blond hair and offered a half apology, half explanation. “I—I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get, um, carried away. I was just so excited about the house…”
    “The house? Really? I thought maybe I had at least something to do with it.”
    Color burned brighter in her cheeks, and he knew she wasn’t ready for him to joke about the undeniable chemistry between them. And considering the number her fiancé had done on her, who could blame her?
    But he’d needed to lighten the mood, Javy realized, falling back on old habits to hide how deeply the kiss—and the woman—had affected him. Beating back the uneasy thought that the chemistry between them might be something morethan fun and flirtation, he took a deep breath and tried to slow his raging pulse.
    Holding out his hand, he said, “Let’s go see this house of yours.”

Chapter Six
    “I can’t believe I’m buying a house!” Emily had to raise her voice to be heard above the music and crazed fans watching the basketball play-offs in the crowded bar. When Javy had said he wanted to find someplace to eat, she hadn’t expected him to pick a sports bar, but the loud, boisterous atmosphere perfectly fit the emotions bouncing through her.
    Javy smiled at her from across the small high-top table. Leaning closer, he said, “Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. You still need to have the place inspected before you make an offer.”
    Don’t get too far ahead of yourself ….
    The warning served a double purpose as she stared into his espresso eyes. Judging by the way she’d completely lost her head when she’d kissed him earlier, it would be all too easy to end up head over heels. And she could end up losing so much more than the house she had her heart set on. If she didn’t watch herself around Javy, she could end up losing her heart.
    Forcing her focus back onto the town house, she said, “I know, but you’ve already said the house was in good shape.”
    “From what I could see, yeah. But you need to let the professionals take a look.”
    Emily would trust what Javy had to say over some hired professional any day. Which showed she was already in too deep. She’d made the mistake of trusting Todd. Shouldn’t she have learned some kind of lesson from her broken engagement?
    And yet Javy was so different from Todd, so different from anyone she knew. Todd had cared only about what he wanted, and her parents had focused too much on what they wanted for her.
    Javy was the first person who had ever asked her what she wanted, and more than that, he actually listened. Which wasn’t to say he didn’t have his doubts.
    “Go ahead,” she told him with a wry smile. “You’ve kept quiet long enough. Let it all out. You think I’m rushing this, and you’re trying to find a way to tell me without hurting my feelings.”
    “Well, I’m glad you’ve picked up on what a sensitive guy I am,” he said with his usual grin before he shook his head, “but, nah, I’m not gonna say it.”
    “Why not? I know it’s what you’re thinking.”
    “Maybe,” he confessed. “But I’m also thinking you’re a grown woman who knows her own mind. I watched your face light up when you saw that house. Something tells me you haven’t been so excited about something for a long time.” Leaning forward, his fingers traced from her forehead to her ear as he brushed a locked of hair away from her face. “It’s a bit of a challenge, you know?”
    Eyes widening, she asked, “What is?”
    “Trying to figure out what I can do to make you light up like that when you see me.”
    Feeling her face heat up, Emily bet she was putting the neon beer signs to shame. “I don’t think

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