The Viking Symbol Mystery

The Viking Symbol Mystery by Franklin W. Dixon

Book: The Viking Symbol Mystery by Franklin W. Dixon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Franklin W. Dixon
to the floor.
    The waiter, furious, pushed the door wide open. Joe, taken by surprise, saw that the group of tough-looking men in the dining room were staring at him.
    Suddenly one jumped up. “It’s one of those Hardy kids!” he yelled. “Get him!”

    â€œLET’S go!” Frank dashed for the back door. Joe dropped the mop and ran after him.
    As their pursuers leaped toward the kitchen, the waiter turned to retrieve the tray, and collided with the first man. The two went down with a thud, landing on the floor among the broken dishes.
    â€œBlast!” cried a burly fellow behind them, and pushed past the two into the kitchen.
    The Hardys heard the commotion as they hurried outside and into a dark alleyway behind the building.
    â€œThis way,” Frank whispered, as he whirled to the left. Joe followed.
    They ran around to the front and across the road, passing through the light streaming from the window of the restaurant. Suddenly they heard the door bang open and a harsh voice yell, “There they go!”
    â€œAfter them!” came a raucous cry.
    The boys jumped into a deep ditch on the other side of the road. As they darted along the narrow gully they could hear pounding footsteps behind them. A short distance ahead Frank saw a culvert just large enough for them to crawl into.
    â€œIn here,” he said, and jumped into the opening.
    Joe leaped in after him, and the brothers crouched in the dark, damp space. They held their breath until all the pursuers had run past and continued on. In a few moments the sound of footsteps died away and the men’s voices faded into the distance.
    â€œLet’s go!” Joe urged.
    â€œWait!” cautioned his brother. “More of the gang may be coming. We’ll crawl through and out the other end.”
    The boys had just pulled themselves out of the culvert when they heard a yell from the spot where they had been hiding.
    â€œHere’s a culvert!” came a man’s excited voice. “Search it!”
    Then another voice came from the darkness. “You look there and I’ll check down the road.”
    Tensely the boys waited for the man’s approach. “We’ll jump him,” Frank muttered.
    A few seconds later they heard footsteps. Ready for the attack, the boys waited until the man was almost upon them, then leaped out.
    Frank clamped a hand over the man’s mouth and Joe made a flying tackle around his knees, bringing him to the ground. The Hardys pin-ioned his arms tightly.
    Joe whipped out his handkerchief and gagged the husky captive. Then the boys hauled him to his feet.
    â€œLet’s get him to the Mounties,” Joe urged.
    â€œRight,” Frank agreed.
    The boys marched the prisoner through the deserted back streets to the RMCP station. When they entered the station, the officer at the desk looked up in surprise.
    â€œWe’re sure this man is one of the rune stone thieves,” Frank told him. “There were some other men after us. Sorry we couldn’t capture them.”
    The desk officer hurried to call the inspector, who came over to the office immediately. He searched the prisoner carefully and pulled out a wallet.
    â€œHank Fogert! Is that your name?” the inspector asked the surly-looking man. There was no answer.
    â€œHe’s a United States citizen, boys,” the inspector said, “according to these papers!”
    Frank was sure the man was one of those whom the Hardys had surprised at the campsite. He might know about the mysterious digging operations. Frank faced the prisoner and asked, “What were you and your pals digging for on the lake shore?”
    Fogert looked startled, but would say nothing.
    â€œWell, Fogert, we’ll give you time in a cell,” the officer said brusquely. “Then maybe you’ll feel like talking. The charges against you are attempted assault and battery and suspicion of

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