The Trouble with Highlanders

The Trouble with Highlanders by Mary Wine

Book: The Trouble with Highlanders by Mary Wine Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary Wine
expect obedience as his due. Father Peter could sentence her to time in the stocks for forgetting her place. Norris continued to grin.
    â€œWhich is exactly why ye are coming home with me, Daphne.”
    â€œI do nae understand ye a bit,” she informed him, exasperated.
    He reached out and grabbed a handful of her skirts before she realized his intention. With a steady strength, he pulled her against him, and she realized he was making sure he didn’t hurt her by touching her back.
    â€œBut ye respond to me, lass, and that is why ye are coming with me.” There was a challenge burning in his green eyes. “Ye turned yer back on me at Sauchieburn, and it has badgered me ever since. So ye’re coming home with me where we can take all the time we need to discover just what manner of connection we have.”
    He pressed a hard kiss onto her mouth. His lips teased hers for a long moment, sliding along the delicate surfaces and tasting them before he lifted his head.
    â€œI did warn ye, Daphne.” He cupped her hips and turned her around so she was facing the door and the cart. She could still feel him behind her, his warm breath against her neck. Her skin rippled with sensation, far more sensitive than she’d ever known it to be. So quickly, she was reduced to responding to him again.
    Just like a spell…
    â€œRun, and I’ll run ye to ground. Ye may get into the cart, or I will put ye there.” He kissed the side of her neck, starting a chain reaction of sensations that traveled down her body.
    â€œAye, I recall yer warning clearly,” she offered, allowing her voice to grow sultry. “But what I’m wondering is just what game are ye playing? Have ye decided to bend me to yer will by using yer position? If so, ye are nae as different from Morrell Comyn as ye would like to believe. Ye are still a man, taking what he believes is his, and I am left feeling like a possession. Something I shall never be content as.”
    She had turned to face him, and he considered her from narrowed eyes. “If that were so, lass, I’d happily leave ye here to ensure ye never have a cause to pester me with demands.”
    â€œSo why aren’t ye?” she demanded. “What is yer game, Norris Sutherland?”
    He stepped toward her, meeting her demand head-on, and caught a handful of her skirt once more to keep her in place. “Have ye never considered yerself worthy of being coveted for just who ye be, Daphne?”
    Confusion swept through her. “Ye can nae claim affection for me. We’ve known each other for so little time…”
    Yet she’d dreamed of him for what seemed like every night they had been apart. She felt so exposed in that moment, as though he might reach forward and clamp a manacle around her heart. Then she’d be his possession by her own will.
    â€œSuch is nonsense,” she announced and pushed him away. As she felt the steady beat of his heart beneath her hand, a little ripple of awareness traveled along her arm. It unleashed a curl of anticipation in her belly, and she failed to hold back the memory of just how intimate it had been to be held against him in the dark hours of the night.
    It had been bliss.
    He cupped her chin and raised it so their eyes met. There was something burning in those green orbs that promised her that he was willing to challenge her rejections. He leaned down until his warm breath was teasing her lips, tormenting her with the idea of another kiss.
    â€œAs I said, lass, I’m taking ye home to see what it is about ye I can nae ignore. If ye want to view that as a demand, well then, I admit to enjoying yer responses to me demands.”
    Her jaw dropped open, but at the same time, a flare of heat flashed through her. Part of it was arousal, but the other part was enjoyment. A savage, primitive sort of enjoyment from some part of her she hadn’t really realized she had. Deep inside, she was excited

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