The Tiger's Mate: (Book 12, Grey Wolf Pack Romance Novellas)

The Tiger's Mate: (Book 12, Grey Wolf Pack Romance Novellas) by E A Price

Book: The Tiger's Mate: (Book 12, Grey Wolf Pack Romance Novellas) by E A Price Read Free Book Online
Authors: E A Price
that they needed to talk about.
    “You’re mated,” he said, roughly.  He wouldn’t hurt her, but his patience was holding on by a mere sliver of a thread.  He needed answers.  Although, he was grateful that at least she didn’t bear a bonding bite on her shoulder.  He would have noticed a thing like that the last time they met.
    Simone met his eyes with such a look of sorrow that he almost caved and said he was sorry for upsetting her.  Almost.  He wasn’t quite that mushy.
    “Yes, but it’s complicated.  It’s not what you think – we’re not really together.”
    “You’re mated,” he hissed through gritted teeth.  His wolf paced, irritably.
    She looked at him with pleading yellow eyes.  Her tiger was close to the surface.  “We don’t even kiss - never mind anything else.  It’s not a real mating.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t want you to get involved, but I… I couldn’t help myself.”  She lowered her eyes in embarrassment.  “I wanted you.”
    Acksel could feel himself softening.  “You’re trembling,” he murmured.  He cupped her cheek.  “Why’d you run?  Why didn’t you talk to me?”
    “I left you because I worried you’d get hurt.  I still do worry.”  She looked up and down the alley, furtively.  “My Alpha’s not a good man; you should leave.”  She pressed her hands against his chest and tried to push him away; he didn’t move.  “Acksel, I couldn’t bear it if you were hurt because of me.”
    “Is that what you want?  For me to leave?  For us to never see each other again?”  His wolf protested – he didn’t like the sound of any of that.
    Her face tightened, and she looked like she was going to argue, but she didn’t.  Simone’s fingers curled into his shirt.  “No, that’s not what I want.”
    His wolf whooped.  “Come back to Rose with me,” he entreated softly.
    “No buts, whatever it is, I can help.”  He rubbed his thumb over her cheek.  “This last week has been hell.  “I want you; I need you.  I don’t feel like I can breathe when you’re not around.”  He took one of her hands and placed it over his heart.  “Do you feel it too?”
    She nodded.  “It’s strange, I feel like my beast and my heart are reaching out to you.  It felt like I was tearing in two when I left Rose.”  She wiggled her fingers under his hand and giggled, bashfully.  “It’s corny.”
    “Yeah, but I like corny.”  He brushed his lips over hers and for the first time in days, his animal seemed to be at peace.  Simone sighed against his mouth.  “Come home with me.”
    “I can’t leave my mother.”
    He shrugged and peppered kisses over her cheek.  He’d almost forgotten how soft her beautiful skin was.  “Will she come with you?”
    “Then bring her,” he groaned as he inhaled her glorious scent.
    “The Alpha, the pride…”
    The wolf pawed the ground, impatiently as she tried to come up with excuses.  There was nothing she could say that would scare him away.  “My pack will protect you – and your mother.”
    “But, I could be an axe murderer for all you know.”
    He chuckled at her teasing tone.  “Are you?”
    “Good enough for me.”  He kissed her, full on the mouth, enjoying the pleasurable moans he elicited.
    “Acksel,” she entreated.  With a grunt, he allowed her to push him away, and he tried to put on his serious face.  Not easy considering he was dealing with an excitable wolf and arousal that could pound nails.  But her face had a serious mien – she wanted to talk.
    “Don’t you want to hear my reasons for running out?  Don’t you want to hear about my… mating?”
    His beast growled.  Yes, he was trying to avoid thinking about that – it was only palatable because she insisted she didn’t have sex with her, grrr , mate.
    “Baby, I’m not happy to hear you’re already mated.”
    “I swear we only did it so the Alpha…”
    “But,” he

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