The Three Rs
pull of orgasm. Christ!
    He slips one long finger deep inside me. Now I’m screaming again. I squeeze the muscles inside my pussy around his finger, seeking more friction. He slips another finger inside, and a third. Now he’s twisting and spreading them inside me, pressing against the walls of my pussy. He withdraws them, right to the fingertips, then plunges deep once more. Another scream from me, and he shifts up a gear. He’s finger-fucking me hard, still flicking my clit with his tongue. I come for a second time within moments.
    My climax is not so explosive this time, more a slow unfurling of warm pleasure which seems to drift on and on. Cain’s in no hurry, continuing his sensual assault on my pussy and clit until he’s sure every last tremor and shiver have vibrated from me, every last wave and pulse of sensation have flowed out through my fingertips. Then and only then does he lift his head and start to lick his way back up to my breasts. He stops briefly to re-acquaint himself with my nipples before taking my mouth again in another deep, drugging kiss. I’m furrowing my fingers through his thick, wavy hair as I respond, plunging my tongue into his mouth as he rolls to his back, pulling me on top of him. I spend a few brief moments as the aggressor, kissing him deeply, fiercely, before he reverses our positions. This time he’s positioned his hips between my thighs, and his cock is nudging my pussy. I expect him to plunge deep and fast inside me, but he doesn’t. Instead he reaches over me to grab his jeans from the floor, and pulls a small foil sachet from the back pocket.
    Ah right, body fluids. Good thinking. As long as he’s quick.
    He is quick, and in moments he’s unrolled the condom along his cock, and he’s ready for action. I am too, and I close my eyes, holding my breath as I wait for him to fill me. He’s large, I can tell that, and I expect this will be a tight fit.
    “Abbie, open your eyes. Please.” His tone is soft now, achingly gentle. Gone is the hard, dominant, commanding presence of a few minutes ago.
    I obey, this time because he’s asking me so nicely and I want to please him.
    “Are you okay with this?” His expression is slightly uncertain, though I have no idea why.
    “Okay? What do you mean?”
    “I came on pretty strong for a while, back there. I need to be sure that you’re okay with this. You can say no, you do understand that, don’t you?”
    What is he talking about? Why the hell would I say no? I want this more, probably, than I want my next breath. I need to make him understand and get on with it. Fast.
    “Yes. I do know that. And yes, I’m okay. Now, please…”
    He smiles. “Just checking, Abbie.” And in the next instant he surges forward, burying his cock balls-deep inside me.
    My mouth opens, my eyes widen, I gasp. He’s big, and it’s tight. Incredibly tight. He holds still for a few moments and I’m intensely aware of the impossible fullness. I’m scared to move.
    “You still okay?” His voice is tender, he sounds concerned.
    I manage a small nod, though in that moment I’m not entirely convinced.
    “Be still for a moment, relax if you can, I will make this good. I promise.” His tone is low and sexy, and totally assured.
    Again I nod, and incredibly I am starting to relax. He’s not hurting me, it was just—more—somehow. More intense, more sudden, more—everything. I’m adjusting fast though, and after a few seconds, I shift under him, instinctively wanting the friction, the movement. I want him to thrust.
    “Please, Cain, could you…?”
    “On it, sweetheart.” And he slowly slides his cock back, almost withdrawing from me, before plunging back in again. His movements are smooth, unhurried, and very, very deliberate. He’s holding my gaze, my eyes fixed on his, and he withdraws and thrusts a second time. And a third. He picks up the pace a little, still gentle, achingly careful. It’s what I need, and I arch under him. His next

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