The Thrall (The Viking Hero Series Book 1)

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Book: The Thrall (The Viking Hero Series Book 1) by Njord Kane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Njord Kane
everyone of you. Especially you.
It seeks vengeance on you. You have to put an end to it, before it
ends you."
    "Why, what did I do to it?" Rowan
gasped, "I'm just a thrall."
    "You are not just a mere thrall, Rowan of
Juteland, Son of Ingvald." said Tom.
    Rowan had never heard his name in such a title
before. He was always, 'Rowan the thrall' or simply, the thrall.
    "You have a destiny that you do not even know
of yet. You do not know who you are or where you come from. You were
not just a discovered orphan that was placed into servitude as a
thrall. You were made as a thrall to hide you and your identity until
the time had come for you to know who you are." Tom explained.
    Rowan laughed at this notion and then said, "Now
that I hear the name Ingvald, I do remember that my father's name was
Ingvald. But I do not believe that I am anybody of any significance.
I have always been just a thrall."
    "Do you remember that you are not even from
this land, but of another land across the sea instead. A land called
Juteland." Tom asked.
    "I do know that I am not from here, but I do
not know where it was that I had came from."
    "You came here by sea, yes?"
    Rowan nodded.
    "You were transported in a merchant's Knarr
by a trader that had found you. But the trader who brought you and
sold you to the blacksmith was no ordinary trader. He was in
disguise." explained Tom.
    "What do you mean?" Questioned Rowan in
    "He was to bring you to a safe place that was
far away from the warring tribes that were in your homeland of
Juteland. Those tribes sought to end your bloodline and slay you. He
could not hide you himself, because he would have been eventually
discovered. So what better way would there have been to hide you than
to bring you North, disguised as a thrall."
    "I have never heard such a thing. I think
you may be mistaken." said Rowan.
    "By not letting you know who you really were
was the best way to keep your true identity a secret. Not even the
blacksmith knew. When he purchased you to be his thrall, he swore an
oath to sell you back for double the price without any question when
the trader came back for you years later. He also swore an oath to
tell no one of this promise that he made to the trader."
    Rowan stood quietly for a moment taking all this
in. He remembered one night when the blacksmith was drunk from taking
in too much mead and told Rowan that he was only temporarily his
thrall. He had no idea what Bjord meant by that, nor ever asked. He
just assumed it as being drunk talk. Nevertheless the statement had
stuck with him.
    "So who am I and what is this alleged
destiny?" asked Rowan.
    "That is not important right now. What is
important is...."
    "What do you mean it is not important right
now? " Rowan asked as he interrupted Tom. "Then why did you
tell me such a thing?"
    "It is not important right now, because it is
not your time yet. You time will come and then everything will be
explained to you." Answered Tom. "But it is not your time
to die and the only way to stop your death is if you slay the
creature before it comes for you."
    "How do you know its even coming for me?"
asked Rowan.
    "Because it has been my task to watch over
you and I have seen the creature come to the edge of the woods near
here and look upon this very house. It has been seeking you. It is
only a matter of time until it comes for you. It came for you before
and was unsuccessful killing you in your sleep. But only because it
was weakened by the iron in the house. It won't fail again.
Especially now that it is angry." stressed Tom.
    "If it wanted to kill me, why didn't it kill
me both times when I was near its lair?"
    "It's a creature that has been risen from the
abyss of death. It is not very smart and it was distracted. That's
the only reason it did not come after you blindly. Had it been, it
would have destroyed you easily."
    "I have no doubt of that. It is too powerful.
I don't think it's even possible for me to kill it as you seem to
think I

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