The Thrall (The Viking Hero Series Book 1)

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Book: The Thrall (The Viking Hero Series Book 1) by Njord Kane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Njord Kane
the door, he heard
it say, "come over here."
    It was Tom Tay, that unusual creature that was in
the hallow with him.
    He was unsure about this Tom character, but he did
save him from being discovered by the troll and Tom did lead him in
the right direction to get back to his village.
    Tom noticed Rowan's hesitation as he stood in the
doorway pondering where to go out there or not.
    "It's okay, come on out. I don't want to
disturb anyone in the house. We need to talk."
    At this point, curiosity was what pushed Rowan out
the door. He walked outside and could see the outline of Tom hiding
in the shadows. Tom looked like a very, very small man. No taller
than a house cat or hare. This was very strange and made Rowan
extremely nervous. He'd never seen a man so small. What kind a
queer folk was Tom, he pondered.
    "Why do you hide yourself?" asked Rowan.
    "I don't think you're ready to gaze upon me,"
replied Tom. "The sight of me may frighten you and that is not
my intent."
    "I don't think I would be frightened,"
said Rowan bravely. "Especially after the things I've seen
recently." he pointed out.
    "Ah yes, your problem with the drauger. That
is why I have called upon you this very night." said Tom. "and
it's not just your problem, but a problem to your whole village."
    Rowan thought about this for a moment and nodded
in agreement.
    'But it's not just you and your village's problem,
it's a problem with all the creatures and beings in the forest as
well." Tom added.
    "What do you mean?" Rowan asked,
    "This thing is a horrible creature that
causes havoc and death to not only your people but to other things
that are nature in the forest. It is an unnatural abomination that
needs to be put to rest and I think you are just the person to do
    "Oh no," said Rowan "I barely
escaped with my life on both accounts of dealing with it. Both times
I survived my encounters with it were nothing short of pure luck, I
might add."
    "Yes, but that is only because you went about
it all wrong. There is something you don't know about it. That
creature, like many unseen beings, has a great weakness to it."
    "What do you mean, are you like the dead
    "No, not even close. But there is something
about it that we do share in common and that is a great weakness to
    "Iron? Why iron?" inquired Rowan.
    "It's a very long story as to why, but do
know that iron burns us. We can't stand it. It has something to with
its unnaturalness. It is why I never enter the longhouse of your
master. He is a blacksmith and there are bits of iron from his trade
everywhere. Even the scent of it is foul to me and my kind. It is
foul to me now as I speak to you near it."
    "But the dead walker entered this longhouse,
when it tried to kill me and then ran off the sheep." Rowan
pointed out.
    "Yes, that was very unusual. It must have
been very determined to enter. At first I thought it might be as
immune to iron as mankind is, but then I seen that it was hurt by
iron. When you stuck the ax into it. It wasn't the ax blow that hurt
it, but the fact that there was iron embedded in its flesh. The ax's
iron head burned it as did the arrows that had iron tips on them."
    "I did notice that, but I wasn't sure what
caused it. The iron seemed to burn it as if it was red hot from the
    "Yes and that is how you will be able to
defeat it."
    "Defeat it? Like I mentioned, I barely
escaped with my life ...twice. There is no way I intend to face it
again. That beast killed trained warriors, some of the Jarl's best
men and they were armed with iron weapons as well."
    "You are right, you won't be able to defeat
it directly in combat. It is too strong." Tom said.
    Rowan interrupted him by reiterating, "I have
no plans on battling or defeating it. My plan is to never go into the
cursed forest ever again. I plan to avoid it the best as I can."
    "You don't have a choice, Rowan. That
creature has its mindset on you and everyone in this village. It
won't stop until it kills each and

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