The Siren's Call (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance) (FORCED TO SERVE)

The Siren's Call (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance) (FORCED TO SERVE) by Donna McDonald

Book: The Siren's Call (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance) (FORCED TO SERVE) by Donna McDonald Read Free Book Online
Authors: Donna McDonald
Tags: General Fiction
which contained not a shred of recognition.
    He was obviously drugged and barely functioning, but what was working was definitely in survival mode. Maybe knowing in advance about his memory loss was a good thing for her after all. Another plus for using intuitive talents, she supposed.
    “You didn’t have to kill the one that wanted to run away,” she said sharply.
    “He would have told others,” he countered logically. “Who are you? You saved me from getting shot.”
    Her body was rejoicing to be close to him again. Her heart was breaking to know he hadn’t a clue who she was. It had hurt in the vision. It was just as bad in reality. Now it also worried her because time spent talking was time not spent running.
    “Why should I tell you anything? Who are you?” Gwen asked him in return, fighting logic with logic, something she hoped would occupy his mind enough to defuse his emotions.
    He let go immediately and practically tossed her away. “I don’t know who I am, but I am not a slave.”
    Gwen looked at Zade a moment, letting her senses gauge how much mental pain his confusion caused him. She walked close to him again until she knew the male who had mated her would feel her vibrations as much she felt his. In his current condition, he might attempt to kill her if he even thought for a second that she was a threat. Gwen had to hope that the mating cord would be stronger than his drug-induced fear of nearly everything.
    “Okay, I lied. I know who you are. Your name is Lieutenant Dorian Zade and you are very ill. I seek only your good so please try to trust me,” she directed. “We need to get out of here and find the others.”
    “What others?” he demanded.
    “Others like you who are not slaves either,” Gwen told him, lifting a hand up to his shoulder. “Bend down and I’ll remove your slave collar.”
    He caught her wrist in a grip that Gwen knew was going to leave marks.
    “What about your own?” he demanded. “You wear a collar. That means you’re a slave.”
    Gwen shook her head and swept her free hand to point at the guards littering the floor. “I’m not a slave, just pretending to be one. I’ve come to rescue you and the others. I’m a warrior and this is my proof.”
    Zade let go of her wrist reluctantly. It took all her willpower not to rub it, but she didn’t want him to know that he’d hurt her. No telling what kind of response that would provoke.
    “I dreamed of you almost every night. Not all of them were good dreams. When I was running tonight, I felt you in here and could not pass by without…seeing you,” he said. “I could have been killed.”
    Gwen nodded, not surprised that he’d found her even in a city as large as this one. But she was trying really hard not to be hurt that he was resentful about it.
    “Yeah, well I’m sorry to create a detour in your big escape plan Zade, but I was just as compelled to find you. That’s why I’m on this Klageldon dung of a planet. Now can I please take your collar off before someone else comes along with a remote and points it at you? I don’t want to have to drag your unconscious ass around.”
    Gwen stepped close to Zade again, wincing when he grabbed the same wrist just as tightly as he had the first time.
    “If you harm me, I will kill you, no matter how I feel about you,” he warned.
    “Only if I don’t kick your sorry ass first, you ungrateful Siren bastard. Look—can we argue about our energy connection later? I need both freaking hands on the collar for this work, so let go and bend down just a little. They took my damn shoes and I’m a good six inches shorter than you without mine.”
    Giving her another warning glare, he let go of her wrist and finally bent down.
    Ignoring the urge to fling herself into his arms when she touched his face and the skin at his throat, Gwen took a deep breath and ordered herself to relax. Closing her eyes, she spoke the word Ania had put inside her. Her body literally shook with the

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