The Silent Dragon: Children of The Dragon Nimbus #1

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Authors: Irene Radford
help much.
    What had happened? It reminded him of when Da had put up a psychic barrier to block his thoughts and force him to speak. The barrier in this man’s mind was stronger. More like a blank cliff of reflective rock.
    “I asked who you are and where did you come from! What’s the matter with you? Are you too stupid to know what I say?” the man shouted as he stalked toward Glenndon.
    Glenndon opened his mouth to reply. A weird croaking sound burned the back of his throat. He shut down the impulse to speak before his throat burned raw and bled.
    “An idiot!” the man sneered and sheathed his sword. “Harmless.” He returned his focus to the still dazzled soldiers. “On your feet, all of you. We need to sort this out. Did anyone wound or kill that ravening beast?”
    “Shayla is not a ravening beast, Lord Jemmarc.” A new voice, cold and disdainful. “You all still live. You wouldn’t if Shayla wanted you dead for
reason, including defending herself from those who would execute her without thought or reason. Be grateful that her flame only burned the arrows shot at her.”
    Glenndon felt the anger rolling off the tall blond man who strode up the hill with Fred and the pretty princess in tow.
    The king. His father.
    But not his Da.
    “Your Grace, I beg to differ . . .” The richly dressed man bobbed his head in some kind of greeting. Not the formal bow Glenndon’s mother had taught him.
    Something was very wrong here.
    The king’s eyes locked on Glenndon. A half smile tugged at his lips. “Lord Jemmarc, take your ragtag army of second sons, nephews, and younger brothers of the lords back to the city.”
    Jemmarc, the man who had called Glenndon an idiot, defied his king for the space of three heartbeats before issuing orders to gather the steeds.
    “P’pa,” the princess tugged at her father’s sleeve. Then she tilted her head in Glenndon’s direction.
    “Leave two extra steeds for us,” King Darville ordered, still not taking his eyes off Glenndon. “And those who dared shoot at a dragon under the protection of the crown will lose rank and pay. They will also walk back to the city. Their steeds will do quite well to transport my bodyguard and our guest. I am in a merciful mood today.”
    Finally he broke his fixed gaze upon Glenndon and transferred his attention to his daughter. The smile he gave her reminded Glenndon of the loving way Da gazed at the twins when they weren’t looking.
    Glenndon didn’t have to read the man’s thoughts to know how much he cared for her, or to know how complex his emotions were at this moment. Even through all that, the king’s mind worked, calculating, assessing, thinking ahead, planning and discarding plans as rapidly as Glenndon gathered spells—when he was well-fed and rested.
    “Fred, take Princess Rosselinda to the next rise and return with our steeds, please.”
    “Yes, Your Grace.” Fred bowed properly and offered his arm to the girl with the fabulous multicolored hair.
    She tossed her father a reproachful glance as she traipsed off ahead of her escort.
    “Your chance will come, Little Lindy. I would meet with Glenndon privately a moment,” the king called after her.
    How do you know that I am Glenndon?
    “You couldn’t be anyone else. I can read your thoughts because even though the original treaty among the Provinces forbids a monarch from having or using magic, we all have inherited a small amount. It is how the Coraurlia and the dragons recognize us. Do not expect anyone else at court to be able to understand you, not even Fred. He’s good at guessing what people think from their posture. You must speak to communicate.”
    Glenndon nodded, not knowing what else to do. His glance strayed briefly toward Jemmarc. So, the backlash of his communication was the reaction of a truly mind-blind man.
    The newest trainees at the University looked to have more talent than any of the lords.
    “Yes I know that you have not spoken aloud since you

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