The Sibylline Oracle

The Sibylline Oracle by Delia Colvin

Book: The Sibylline Oracle by Delia Colvin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Delia Colvin
Tags: paranormal romance
not only was this guy she appreciated incredible beyond words, but he was also, supposedly, immortal! Valeria rolled her eyes in disgust. The disparity between their attributes just continued to grow! She wondered why it was that she had even considered this a possibility. She decided she would think about that later.
    Valeria realized that the romantic feeling from the previous days had given her hopes of much more─rather than Alex’s actual words or actions. Well, except, he had asked her to go away with him…but then deserted her, she reminded herself. She looked up to see the magnificent gingko tree and felt slightly better.
    Stepping inside the cottage, she discovered that Alex had put away their breakfast. Valeria pulled the container of fruit from the refrigerator. Her empty stomach had started complaining an hour before. She reached into the cupboard and pulled out a small bowl. The look and feel of it was far more extraordinary than her simple dinnerware. She noticed that the design matched the box that Alex had purchased for her in Verona. Valeria loaded some fruit into the bowl and poured herself a glass of the orange juice. The strawberries and mango were fresh and flavorful. She tasted something in the mix of fruit…was it cinnamon? She leaned against the counter while she ate.
    What was it that she was supposed to infer from the discussion? She felt certain that Alex was waiting for her “aha moment” and she hated to disappoint him. But, he was used to very bright college students and she had barely survived high school! She thought again about the image she had seen from Mani. There was something she felt that she should know, but her brain just wasn't putting it together.
    When she finished her bowl of fruit, she washed and put away the dishes. Then, she grabbed her glass of orange juice and went outside to sit on the porch swing. The temperature had warmed pleasantly.
    An old man and woman appeared off the trail from the south with flower baskets. They smiled and spoke to each other in what Valeria thought to be Italian or Greek. They seemed to be talking about her.
    She wondered what Alex’s purpose really was in bringing her here. And then there was the discussion about Greek gods…what was all that about? Valeria recalled that they claimed to be over 3,000 years old. She didn’t think she could buy that, but she would continue to listen and take in what they had to say. She wasn’t one to end a discussion simply because she was uncertain about a piece of it. Granted, it was not a small detail! Still, she tended to take in the data first. She rarely reacted to alarming information until later, when she was able to process it as a cohesive chunk. Maybe her mind was slower than most. Other people could see a situation and react immediately—not that she couldn’t when she needed to. There had been plenty of times when her quick actions had kept her from harm or saved an account. David had told her that her ability to take in all the data first was a winning business and diplomatic trait.
    David! Valeria realized that he would eventually remember her birthday. Perhaps he had even cancelled his event…
    What was she thinking? David cancelling anything that had to do with his work? Never! Still, he had probably called and she wouldn’t have gotten his message up here in the mountains. Valeria was disgusted with herself for being here with another man—another man who didn’t even seem interested in her. Things would be over between her and David, and for what? For the chance with Alex , she thought with a deep sigh. She shook her head. This just wasn’t the way she did things. It felt dishonest. But it had happened so fast that she…just got caught up in it.
    Then, Valeria reasoned that there wasn’t really anything wrong with all of this. Alex was with another woman, so it really wasn’t that way. Still, she knew that her attraction to him was why she was here. She had felt an immediate and

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