The Shattered Genesis (Eternity)

The Shattered Genesis (Eternity) by T. Rudacille

Book: The Shattered Genesis (Eternity) by T. Rudacille Read Free Book Online
Authors: T. Rudacille
her to protest and to tell me that I had lost it, but she didn’t. Her face remained impassive as she stared past me into the room where her mother’s body still laid.
                  “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now that I know that. And I do know it, Alice.”
                  “Do you know when?” She asked me quietly, still not looking at me, “Is it soon?”
                  “Yes. I do know that it’s going to be soon. And that was a cop at the door, by the way. I controlled his mind.”
                  “I have no idea.” I replied. “But that doesn’t matter. The point is, he’s gone and we’re going to be okay.”
                  “We’re going to be okay even though the world is ending soon?” She asked, her large brown eyes meeting mine finally.
                  “Yes. I know that I had that dream for a reason. I know that it means that I’m supposed to do something about i t.”
                  “You seem to know a lot of things, Quinn. I don’t know anything anymore.” She put her face in her hands and started to cry again. I didn’t know how to comfort her. I had never seen her cry before and now, when I finally did, there was nothing I could say. I think I would have been able to console her if the situation that caused her to feel such sadness had revolved around normal adolescent angst. But the issue we were facing was something else entirely.
                  I embraced her and told her again that everythi ng was going to be alright. I told her we would survive the hell we were going through somehow. I told her we would survive the impending end of the world and figure out a way to live after all life had ended.
                  The things I said I knew, I did know. But tho se promises I made to her were empty and halfhearted; I had not even a semblance of the clarity I had about the other things when I tried to picture ways that we would outlive the end of the world. I was offering her the only reassurances that I could, kno wing that not one of them truly mattered. I knew very little else besides the few details of that one, terrifying event that was coming quickly into clear view.
                  I was tumbling from a brightly lit, spacious room where all was laid out before me in perfect clearness, into a dark, claustrophobic space, grasping around for the light that had just thrown me away.
                  “I am trying to be delicate about this, baby, but I know that we’re running out of time. We don’t have any time to look for him.”
                  “He’s my fath er, Quinn! I already killed my mom, for God’s sake! You won’t at least give me a day to look for my dad?!” She shouted in fury as I threw her clothes into her suitcase.
                  “We still have to go to my house and pack some things. I still have to say goodbye to my parents.”              
                  “You’re just going to leave your parents?! You don’t even care?!”
                  “Of course I care! It’s just…” I trailed off, unsure of where my apathy was coming from. I had always had a good relationship with my parents until recently, when we had begu n to spar over mine and Alice’s romance.
                  “It's just what, Quinn?!”
                  “I know there’s nothing I can do for them. I know we have to just get out of here. Look at this.”
                  I handed her the papers I had printed from a discussion forum I had found online. I join ed the forum to add my own two cents, telling the other posters (from many different countries, I might add) that I had the same dream, on the same night, down to the very same details.
                  “What is

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