The Seduction of Gretchen: Paranormal Erotic Romance (Anam Céile Chronicles)

The Seduction of Gretchen: Paranormal Erotic Romance (Anam Céile Chronicles) by Rosalind Scarlett

Book: The Seduction of Gretchen: Paranormal Erotic Romance (Anam Céile Chronicles) by Rosalind Scarlett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rosalind Scarlett
hand, “It is
so large!  You look mighty scrumptious!  I think I shall have to eat you now…”
    As I positioned myself between Lucius’s legs, his rigid cock
nestled into the valley of my breasts, eliciting from him a delightful moan.  Smiling
up at his reaction, I moved lower yet, blowing out my hot breath upon him.  Gazing
up into his eyes, commencing at the base, I ran my tongue lightly along him,
stopping just before I reached his swelling crown. 
    His resulting moan making me smile, I repeated the motion on
the side.  And then again on the other side.  When I sensed his patience was
expiring, my hand wrapped about his shaft and I came back to the top and
swirled my tongue all about his head.  Lucius grabbed my head in frustration,
though he did not attempt to push it down on him— yet.
    Deciding to spare him any further torture, I parted my lips
and took the head of his organ into my mouth, very slowly taking it in.  Groaning
deeply, Lucius’s hands entangled into my hair as I worshipped him with my
mouth.  Reveling in the control I was able to exude over a Vampire, I sucked him
voraciously until it was clear he could take no more.
    Rising up, I placed my thigh over his until I was sitting
astride him.   Gazing evocatively into my eyes, Lucius pulled me to him
and smashed his mouth to mine.   
    When he finally released me, he said, “God, woman, what have
you done to me?”
    “What have I done to you ?” I repeated as I
rose up just a bit and with one hand grabbed hold of his cock to align it with
my opening.  “I believe it is more like what have you done to me !”
    Shaking his head, with an endearing smile Lucius’s hands
went to my breasts, admiring them as though he was an adolescent and they were
the first pair he had ever had the good fortune of fondling!
    Lowering myself, I slowly took him in.  We moaned in harmony
with one another at feeling him slide into me.  I had to still myself for a
moment when he was fully submerged in me to allow myself to acclimate to his
    “Oh my God, Lucius!” I exclaimed in awe.  “How is it that
you can feel so perfect for me?!”
    “Because we were made for each other…” he said.  “I just had
to wait five hundred years for you!”
    “I am sorry.  That certainly makes the couple decades I
waited to find you seem rather insignificant, doesn’t it?”
    Lucius flashed that heartbreaking smile at me.  “All that
matters is that we are together now.”
    “Yes…” I responded, moving on him once more.
    Come here,” he said, pulling me down against him.  “I need
to feel all of you.”
    I leaned down on him, my breasts melding into his chest, and
Lucius held me tight, kissing me tenderly as I glided my sex along his.
    Ready to take control of my pleasure, I soon wiggled out of
his arms and sat upright upon him, rising up until only the tip of him was
still inside of me.  Descending back upon it, I could not get over his magnificent
organ.  It was more amazing than any I had ever felt before!
    Lucius was gazing up at me as though I was some sort of
Goddess, which coming from someone like him, made me feel just like one.  “You
are so beautiful to me, my Gretchen.”
    Like an aphrodisiac to my soul, the beauty of his words
magnified my pleasure.  I could sense it moving through me, collecting deep in
my core.  Every move I made against him intensified it until I felt I scarcely
had a chance to breathe for all the moaning.   
    Leaning forwards just a little, his cock rubbed against my
swollen clitoris.  That was all it took.  My body bursting into orgasm, I
moaned into his mouth as he kissed me with fervour. 
    Taking back control of our lovemaking, Lucius flipped me
over plunging into me a few delicious times before withdrawing from me, leaving
me whimpering. 
    “On your knees, woman!” he growled at me, his commanding
tone simultaneously startling me and titillating me.
    “Oui, Monsieur,” I respond in as innocent a

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