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Authors: Muffy Morrigan
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could tell the difference in the quality of the wine even before he picked it up . The wine served with dinner had been good, but this—this was in the “great” wine category and more what he would expect from the Captain’s Table. He frowned at Barrett for a moment. He needed to find out more about him.
    “It’s a pleasure to be in space again,” Muher said, pulling Tristan from his musings. “I was out to the Rim but was recalled to Earth when the Stars Plot raised its ugly head.  I’ve been following the threads of that for some time.”
    “It sickens me to think there were Naval officers involved,” Barrett said, sitting down again. He glanced casually around, and Tristan got the message. The room was monitored. They could speak a little, but not much.
    “Yes, but many more were loyal,” Tristan said, then stopped. Muher had been in charge of the Stars Plot investigation—and as far as he knew the case was still unsolved. They had caught some of the conspirators but not all of them. If the general was on the Victory, did that mean that they suspected… “What was that?” He looked up when he realized they were speaking to him.
    “How do you like the wine?” Barrett asked.
    “It’s magnificent! I’m not jus t saying that because I prefer Z infandel, this is magnificent!”
    “Don’t get him started on wine. He can get boring about it,” Muher said to Barrett with a laugh.
    “Just the one time,” Tristan replied. “And that doesn’t count.”
    Barrett grinned at them. “Why not?”
    “It was a wine tasting. I was supposed to talk about the wine.”
    “Not for four hours,” Muher grumbled.
    “It wasn’t four hours,” Tristan corrected him. “Closer to three.” He smiled at Barrett. “There was a lot of wine.”
    “I can be boring about it, I will admit it,” Barrett said, smiling. “My elder brother inherited the vineyard, it’s been in the family since the Second World War in the Twentieth Century. There is even a rumor that one of the vines is from a planting made by the very first Barrett to till the earth. I’m not sure I believe it, but I loved the story as a child.” He sighed. “We were very lucky, the family’s land actually abuts one of the Sanctuaries, and so was protected during attacks and never destroyed by developers.”
    “I am sure I have consumed many a bottle of your family’s wine then.” Tristan took another sip, watching the man. “Are you looking forward to sailing?”
    “I am!” Barrett said enthusiastically. “I am not even sure why the Navy was delaying the launch. The only reasonable delay I could see was for the sails, but once they were finished and the Warrior attuned, there was no reason to just sit in dry dock! How is the original Warrior?”
    “He lost an eye and an arm,” Tristan said quietly. “He’s a good man.”
    “I’m sure, or he wouldn’t have been chosen, although having the Master Weaver here is such an honor! And not only you, but we’re also assigned a ranking member of the Dragon Corps and Lokey Fenfyr himself!”
    “Don’t talk like that around him,” Muher said under his breath. “We’ll never get him to shut up.”
    “What was that?” Barrett asked.
    “Never mind,” Muher said, standing. “It’s getting late. Master Tristan, can I escort you to your cabin?”
    Tristan stood, and bowed his head to Barrett. “Thank you for the warm welcome, Mr. Barrett. Perhaps you can join me in my office tomorrow at two bells in the afternoon watch? If it’s convenient?”
    “Of course!” Barrett stood, too, and walked with them to the door. “See you then, sir.”
    “We need to talk,” Muher said quietly.
    Tristan frowned at him. “No.”
    “Oh.” Muher laughed, leaned a little closer and spoke in Latin. “I know you are surprised they sent me, but there are sound reasons. Things are looking grim.”
    Glancing around before he answered, Tristan said, “We’ll discuss it tomorrow, off ship where we can’t be

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