The Sacred Blood

The Sacred Blood by Michael Byrnes

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Authors: Michael Byrnes
appeared after the resurrection was not that same Jesus who was buried in the tomb. So I ask the scientist in you, Charlotte: does that sound like a physical body to you?”
    “No.” There were too many things it sounded like, she thought. But disappearing from sight? Appearing out of thin air into a locked room? How else could that be explained? Another wave of mixed emotions crested over her as she came to terms with the notion that the DNA inside her could actually have been taken from Christ. She sighed. “I suppose I’d rather be an apparition in the next life too,” she said.
    To a scientist, this actually made more sense anyway, she thought. After all, the body’s “spirit” was really an electrical charge running through the nervous system. And Einstein’s most basic principle maintained that in a closed system, energy could never be lost or gained—merely transferred. If one viewed a dead body as a battery that had lost its charge, then logically, the body’s energy would be given back to the system. What system, however, was anyone’s guess.
    “The real question is, should this knowledge impact one’s faith or discredit Christ’s teachings . . . His mission?” Donovan added. “A physical body doesn’t negate the teachings found in the Gospels. Nor does it downplay that God’s kingdom does promise eternal peace for the righteous. But after all these centuries, the Vatican has emphasized an archaic interpretation of Christ’s physical death. So you can imagine the threat a body would pose.”
    He tried his best to explain how the Vatican had for centuries speculated about a physical body and feared one might turn up. Occasionally, charlatans had attempted to blackmail the Vatican with anonymous relics lacking any provenance whatsoever. But with today’s scientific methods, Donovan pointed out, had a genuine relic been excavated, in its context from beneath the Temple Mount, the threat would then be very, very real. He stayed silent for a few seconds, then said, “Now we just need to figure out why these two men want the bones so badly.”
    Charlotte shifted uneasily in her seat. One thought kept repeating it-self—Evan Aldrich had used those bones to save her life. Now those same bones had made him a casualty. And though Donovan was fishing for an explanation in the theological realm, there was only one thing that could logically be their true motivation.
    “I think I might know what these men are after.”
    The Volvo idled at a scenic overlook along Camelback Mountain. The two passengers inside had just reversed roles; now Donovan was hearing Charlotte’s confession. And what she had to say—had to release—was something far more astounding than anything weighing on his soul.
    Far across the valley below, beyond the unnatural green swaths of golf courses set amidst suburban sprawl, Donovan’s empty eyes were locked on BMS’s gleaming edifice, which rose high above the buildings clustered around it—an ungodly Tower of Babel forged of glass and steel, where humans challenged God on an entirely new level.
    “There’s something else you need to know about what we discovered,” she said. “I’d been very sick back in June . . .”
    “I gathered that,” Donovan weakly replied. “I was told you’d left behind things in your room. The drugs were for cancer, weren’t they?”
    She nodded. “Multiple myeloma.”
    It wasn’t the first time he’d heard of this aggressive disease, and he couldn’t hold back the grim expression that immediately came over him. How ironic that it attacked the bones, he thought.
    Picking up on his distress, she quickly added, “But I don’t have cancer anymore.”
    Amazed, he looked up at her. “Praise God,” he said, beaming. “That’s incredible! A miracle.”
    “Yes . . . and no,” she said. “You see, that same gene I just told you about—” Her voice choked off.
    “Go on,” he encouraged her. The same words he’d used countless times

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