The Pulse Series (Book 1): Pulse
don't want you to tear the wound open again."
    I grumbled but didn't argue, deciding not to mention my broken ribs. I hadn't thought about them, and a quick touch revealed that they, too, barely hurt anymore. That medicine was good stuff.
    "Okay, so we want to head through the rightmost path here. There will be three intersections we will go through if we stay to the natural path. The first two we want to go straight, but the third we will turn right. Got it?"
    I nodded and stepped up to the line.
    Bradley threw me a grin. "Now I know you're faster than me on flat ground, but let's see you beat me here."
    He took off running and after a heartbeat I was on his heels. As we hit the first set of wooden stairs I could feel the familiar pump running through my system. This was the kind of movement I wanted, not running full out on flat ground. This was my element.
    We reached the top of the stairs and ran through a series of poles that stood in the path. I spotted the most efficient route and tore through them. I passed Bradley who had taken the easier, but slower, route on the outside. His eyes widened as I gave him a wink and broke out of the end of the poles ahead of him.
    "I shouldn't have tried to take it easy on you!"
    I grinned and pushed on.
    We came up on another section of poles, but these were horizontal at different heights. I wasn't sure whether to duck under them or go over, but with my leg in the condition that it was I decided crawling was out. I leapt up onto the first pole and moved as fast as I could without taking any risk. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Bradley hit the poles at full speed and fall into a slide. He was under me when he spun on his side and rolled, faster than I had seen anyone roll before, sideways past the rest of the poles. I landed back on the ground a few feet behind him and he was up and running in an instant.
    We passed through the first intersection and I caught a glimpse of another section of the course. From the looks of the barbed wire that ran across the section we just passed I was glad that we had decided on the easy section for my first time. The next part was a long rope slide that dropped us back down to ground level. There were four ropes side by side with devices on top for zip lining down at speed. I launched myself at the rightmost of them and caught on to handles in mid-air. Bradley and I were side by side again. I looked at him as I flew through the air, he had his eyes closed and a grin was splitting his face. I laughed and turned back to face the ground, pressing down hard on the brake as I reached the end of the rope. We leapt at the same time and hit the ground running side by side.
    We passed through the second intersection and came up on a series of odd shaped boxes. Some were small enough to leap over, but others required climbing to pass. Climbing wasn't a new thing for me, but as Bradley had more experience on the course he started to break ahead. It was harder than I thought to judge the distances between the boxes, as their sizes made it impossible to predict what was coming up. As we hit the ground again, Bradley came out ahead of me, but I was still only a few feet behind. I tore after him as we rounded the corner to the last section of the course.
    When I saw the last obstacle I slowed a little. About fifty feet in front of us was a huge gap, much too large to clear with a single jump, and I couldn't see from this distance how to get past it. Bradley got further ahead as I waited for him to slow. He didn't. I was about to yell at him when he stopped right on the edge and spun, reaching down to grab one of the ropes I now saw at the top the drop.
    It became clear when I saw the ladders lined up on the other side of the pit. They had designed the obstacle for us to slide down and climb back up. Simple, but slow.
    I was about to start slowing down when I had another idea. It was dangerous, and stupid, but if I followed Bradley I would lose to him for

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