Book: THE LAST TEMPTATION OF DR. DALTON by Robin Gianna Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robin Gianna
unusually flat and emotionless. “Better for you to wait until you have your whole setup ready and a permanent surgeon in place.”
    “You do plastic surgery?” Her father’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. “I assumed you were a general surgeon, like the ones who usually rotate through the GPC-staffed hospitals.”
    “I am.”
    “Come on, Trent.” Charlie tried for a cajoling tone that might soften him up. “I saw what you did for Lionel’s eye. You told me, when you wanted to do it, that I didn’t know who I was dealing with, remember? And you were right.”
    He looked at her silently for a moment before he spoke. “I’m leaving here any day now, Charlotte. It wouldn’t make sense for me to perform any complex plastics procedures on patients, then take off before I could follow up with them.”
    “Please, Trent.” Her hands grew cold. “Maybe you could even stay a few extra days, to help these patients who so desperately need it. When you see some of them, I think you’ll want to.”
    “I can’t stay longer. And it’s not good medical practice for me to do a surgery like that, then leave. I’m sorry.” He turned to her dad, the conversation clearly over by the tone of his voice. “Since you’re here tonight, sir, I’m going to grab my things and head back to my quarters.”
    Charlie watched him disappear up the steps and listened to his footsteps fade away down the hall. Why was he so adamant about this? And what could she possibly do to convince him?
    * * *
    Trent managed to avoid Charlotte the entire following day. He took dinner to his room, and if she noticed she didn’t say anything. When his phone rang and he saw it was Chase, a strange feeling came over him before he answered. A feeling that told him he’d miss this place when he left, whether it was tomorrow or days from now.
    “So, I’m sorry, man, but it’s just not going to work out,” Chase said in his ear. “Wish I could sub for you. I’d love to head back to Africa for a week or so. But I’m pretty busy at work here and, like I said, Dani’s not feeling great this month. Says she didn’t have morning sickness with Drew, but she sure does now.”
    “Maybe it’s you that’s making her sick this time, and not her pregnancy,” Trent said. “Which I could fully appreciate.”
    “Yeah, that could well be true.” Chase chuckled. “Any chance you’ll be coming to the States some time? Dani and I go to the occasional conference here. It would be great to catch up.”
    “No plans for that right now. I’ll let you know if I do.” He wouldn’t mind a visit back to the States, so long as it wasn’t New York City. It would be nice to see Chase and Dani, and maybe even cute little Drew and his new baby sibling. He hadn’t been back for quite a while. “Who knows, maybe we can temp at the same time in Honduras when I’m between jobs. Let’s see if we can make that happen.”
    “That would be great. Stay in touch, will you?
    “Will do. Take care, and give your family a hug for me.”
    Well, damn. He shoved his phone in his pocket. So much for that great idea. But he’d known it was a long shot that Chase would be able to fill in for him here in Liberia until the new doctor arrived.
    The uneasy feelings he had about being stuck here were peculiar and annoying. It wasn’t like it was a big deal if he went on his vacation all by his lonesome tomorrow or a couple weeks from now. The GPC was used to delays like this, so they probably had a temp lined up for him in the Philippines until he got there.
    But this tug and push he kept feeling around Charlotte was damned uncomfortable. One minute all he wanted was to kiss her breathless, knowing that was a bad idea for all kinds of reasons; the next, she was bugging him about doing plastic surgery that he plain didn’t want to do, which put the distance between them he knew they should keep in place. That he knew he should welcome.
    There had been a number of times his plastics

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