The Haunting of Josephine

The Haunting of Josephine by Kathleen Whelpley

Book: The Haunting of Josephine by Kathleen Whelpley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathleen Whelpley
only they had looked for it sooner.
    I am beginning to become increasingly worried. The stable boy has informed me that every night that Mr. Genus has been here in the past several weeks he has claimed his horse several hours after having disappeared from the house. What is he doing in all of that time?
    To add e ven more worry Mr. Genus became beyond agitated at the announcement of Mr. Kinsley’s engagement to Jo. I wonder if this is something that I should mention to Mr. Clin e or even to Captain.
    Three entries , three entries that had enough to prov ide proof that Mr. Genus had been suspicious enough and that there was a source of motive for him as the murderer . There were several more that could be used against Mr. Genus as well if they were going to attack his b usiness practice with Mr. Genus if they could not make a charge of murder stick they were still going to be able to manage to keep him behind bars one way or another. T here were three main entries that Aunt had logged into her journal that were enough circumstantial evidence to pick up Mr. Genus.
    It did not take long to find whom the stable boy was that she had mentioned in her journal. Nor did it take long to get him to confirm that Mr. Genus tended to leave his horse for several hours past the time the butler had noticed Mr. Genus leaving the house offering opportunity and proof of access .
    It had hurt so much to read Katherine ’s last entry about Mr. Genus’s anger toward Mr. Kinsley and Jo’s engagement. It certainly did not help Jo with her guilt of feeling that her a unt ’s death might have been because of her.
    When Captain had gone to Mr. Genus’s house to pick him up he had found a completely empty house but left officers there and at hi s office for just in case he would return. That night they increased the security around Jo and Uncle’s house and Mr. Kinsley even stayed there to increase the security to try and protect Jo until they were able to detain Mr. Genus. Not that any of that could protect her from a man who was obsessed with getting to her.

    Chapter 14
    Jo woke that night feeling groggy and drugged. She struggled to move but between the wait of a drug in her syste m and the sharp sting of the rope s that were tying her down to the bed she knew instantly that something was terribly wrong. She opened her eyes and was shocked to see Mr. Genus standing over her.
    “Wha???” She was unable to talk. The drug he had placed in her system was stopping her from being able to question him let alone call out for help. Her eyes quickly scanned her room hoping to see her resident ghost. How did he get in here? How was he able to get past all of the guards? Jo’s mind raced from thought to thought from question to question with what seemed like no end.
    “How dare you continue to plan your wedding to that man! You are mine and I am going to make you mine.” Jo again groaned in response hoping that she could fight through the effects of the drug enough to be able to call out for help.
    “I had been hoping to get you to come to me willingly but I have run out of time. How is it that you were able to figure out the one person who would be able to reveal that it was me? I thought that I would not have to worry about her when I managed to convince Mr. Cline to sign her r elease papers right after your a unt’s death but then you sent not only Mr. Kinsley to find her but also Captain.” Jo heard a gasp in the corner that she was sure that Mr. Genus could not hear for he did not move or react to the sound.
    Jo turned her head as much as she could and as muc h as she dared and spotted her a unt’s ghost standing in the corner. She drifted through the wall into the room where Mr. Kinsley was sleeping and came back into the room looking frustrated.
    “Stay strong Jo. Do not fight him. Try to keep him talking. I promise I will find a way to save you.” Again Katherine drifted out of the room. Jo

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