The Freezer (Genesis Endeavor Book 1)

The Freezer (Genesis Endeavor Book 1) by David Kersten

Book: The Freezer (Genesis Endeavor Book 1) by David Kersten Read Free Book Online
Authors: David Kersten
these ‘circumstances’, and it was also obvious he was not here because
someone felt charitable or wanted his company. He was here for a reason, and
now on top of figuring out where he was and how he came to be here, he wanted
to know why he was here. That might be the most important question, he
thought to himself.
    Perhaps sensing that Jack was working some details out in
his mind, Teague let the silence linger for a few more moments. Finally, he broke
the silence, “Well, now that you have tasted a bit of the local culture, shall
we continue?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “So as I was saying, the war put
research into cloning on hold for about a hundred years. As a matter of fact,
the only research going on in that time was either on how to kill people, or
how to save them.”
    Jack wasn’t ready to get back into the story yet, so he
asked, “Doc, why am I here? I mean, it’s obvious I’m not just a hobby for you,
there has to be a good reason you went through the effort you did to...” He
searched for the right words. Saying they ‘cloned’ or ‘grew’ him felt kind of
weird. “You know what I mean. Can you just cut to the chase and tell me why I’m
    Teague hesitated. “I don’t want to drop too much on your
brain and make you process it all at once Jack. I’m not saying you will, but
people have snapped by hitting them with too much at once. I feel like you have
accepted that you are not in 1966 anymore, even though your memory tells you
that less than twenty four hours ago you were heading into surgery. Until you
know how you came to be here though, you probably won’t understand the why.” Teague
was pacing again, and again Jack had the impression that he was more of a psychologist
than a medical doctor. He was phrasing his words carefully. “Okay, I will tell
you this much. You are here for a reason Jack. We need help, and we
think you are – qualified – to do what we need, in more ways than one.”
    Jack accepted the answer, not really expecting to hear
anything different. Nearly all his life he had been ordered to do things, and
he was used to doing what was required of him, even when it meant his life was
on the line. He was a square peg and if there was a square hole, he could fit
in it. There were still a million questions however, and one in particular had
been burning in his mind for a while now. “Do I still have cancer?” It was
simple question, but the implications of any answer weighed heavily on him. Three
days ago he was told that his life was coming to an end, and now it appeared he
had some kind of second chance. The idea of being told that was not the case
was a bit frightening.
    “No, Jack, I can happily say that not only do you not have
cancer, it is extremely unlikely you ever will. Not only that, but any other
genetic defects you might have had were cleansed from your system before you
were reconstructed. As things sit right now, you could very well live to be a
hundred years old.”
    A weight lifted from Jack’s mind and emotion gripped his
heart. He didn’t realize how tense he was in waiting for that answer, and the
relief came so quickly that he actually teared up for a second. He looked away
from Teague and closed his eyes.
    Not sure if he could trust his voice, and not wanting to
look so damned vulnerable, he cleared his voice and simply said, “That’s good
to hear doc, thanks!” There was a pause as he struggled to change the subject. “Was
that really beer that Chuck was drinking?”
    “In a manner of speaking, yes. I imagine you would not think
it tastes like beer any more than you would think that our water tastes like a
Pepsi.” Teague chuckled at his own attempt at humor. Jack got it – there
probably hadn’t been a human alive who had tasted Pepsi in hundreds of years. Teague
was a bit of a nerd. “Some of the guys set up what they call a ‘micro brewery’
a few years ago. The ingredient we use in our food is combined with

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