The Faceless Ones (Skulduggery Pleasant - Book 3)
supervision," Weeper said, forcing some authority into his tone. "Who let you in?"
    "The door was open."
    "I'm calling my superior."
    Weeper reached for the button on the desk, but Skulduggery grabbed his wrist and twisted. Weeper howled in pain. Skulduggery moved around and
    slammed him against the wall. "Handcuffs,'' he said.
    Valkyrie opened one of the desk drawers. Inside were half a dozen clear plastic bags containing the personal effects of the prisoners. She opened another drawer and found a pair of shiny new handcuffs, which she tossed to Skulduggery. He cuffed Weeper's hands behind his back and let him go.
    Weeper stumbled away, eyes wide. "You attacked me!"
    "We just want to borrow one of your prisoners," Valkyrie assured him.
    "I can't allow that to happen," Weeper snarled, settling into a combat stance that Valkyrie had never seen before.
    She watched, wondering what martial art he knew that was good enough to make up for the fact that he couldn't use his hands. She was expecting some jumping around, maybe a few flips and definitely a lot of kicking. What she witnessed was more along the lines of Weeper trying to butt his head into Skulduggery's chest. He charged, Skulduggery stepped out of the way, and Weeper hit his knee against the desk and fell to the ground in pain.
    "Keep an eye out," Skulduggery said, hauling
    Weeper up and dragging him to the cells. He left him curled up against the wall and moved to the first of the steel doors, opened the small hatch, and peered in. He closed the hatch again and moved to the next door.
    Valkyrie stood at the corner, making sure they weren't going to be interrupted. She glanced back to see Skulduggery guiding Weeper into a cell and then beckoning the prisoner out. Her gaze returned to the corridor. At the junction a sorcerer strode by but didn't look her way. She waited without breathing, but he didn't reappear.
    The cell door closed, and Valkyrie turned to see which prisoner Skulduggery had chosen. The prisoner glared at her defiantly. She knew him. He saw himself as the Killer Supreme, the man to make murder into an art form, even though he had yet to successfully kill anyone. The first time they'd met, he had tried to throw her off a building. He was not a very smart man.
    "We meet again," Vaurien Scapegrace snarled, snapping his handcuffs.
    Valkyrie laughed.
    His snarl vanished and his shoulders sagged.
    "I wish, just once, people would see me and not laugh."
    "Quiet now," Skulduggery said, prodding him forward. Valkyrie did her best to stifle her grin as they headed back to the Repository.
    "I was framed," Scapegrace said, walking slightly ahead of them. "I've been accused of a crime I didn't commit. I shouldn't even be here."
    "That's right," Skulduggery said. "You should be in a proper prison for attempted murder."
    "I broke out," said Scapegrace with a shrug.
    "That's not strictly true though, is it? To break out implies something dynamic and adventurous. You were being transported to another facility, and they simply forgot about you at the rest stop."
    "I escaped."
    "You were left behind."
    "I was a free man. And then I was accused of a crime I didn't commit and got rearrested. I shouldn't even be here. You call that justice?"
    "I call that amusing," Valkyrie murmured.
    Scapegrace ignored her. "Where are you taking me? This isn't the way to the interrogation rooms. Why do you want me?"
    "Because you're great company."
    Scapegrace slowed and all the color drained from his face. "You're going to execute me, aren't you? "
    "We're not going to execute you," Skulduggery said.
    "That's why this is all hush-hush. Oh, God, you're going to execute me."
    "We're not, I promise."
    "But why? Why am I going to be executed? You fear me, don't you?"
    "That's not exactly what's happening here."
    Scapegrace's legs gave out, and Skulduggery caught him and kept him walking.
    "You fear my wrath," Scapegrace said weakly.
    Skulduggery stopped him, undid the

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