The Evolutionary Void

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Authors: Peter F. Hamilton
Dreamer; his mentality must have some
private link out of ANA to the gaiafield that she didn’t comprehend. Not that
it was going to matter now.
    Her fully expanded mentality (still anchored within the Accelerator
compilation) regarded her jury with a degree of amusement, especially as some
infinitesimal portion of her own mentality was contributing to ANA:Governance,
effectively making her judge herself.
    “We are called here to review the activities of the Accelerator Faction,”
ANA:Governance continued. “The charge against them is one of high treason.”
    Ilanthe’s peers remained quiescent, awaiting the information repositories
containing ANA’s evidence.
    “Do you wish to say anything?” ANA:Governance asked Ilanthe.
    “You exist to provide us an existence which promotes intellectual
development and evolution, yet you place restrictions upon enacting those very
developments in the reality of spacetime. Now you complain when we try to
achieve that which your fundamental nature encourages. Please explain the
    “All individuals within me are free to translate their goals into
physical or postphysical reality,” ANA:Governance replied. “You know this. What
I cannot permit is for those goals to be imposed on an unwilling majority. When
and if we transform to postphysical status, it will be as a consenting
    “Nice in theory. But the restrictions you impose on those of us who are
ready to transcend are completely unacceptable. We shall achieve our objective
on our own.” Ilanthe’s primary consciousness withdrew back into the center of
the Accelerator compilation, where the inversion core awaited. Secondary
routines took over her manifestation within the assembly arena, producing
responses to ANA:Governance’s questions.
    The globular inversion core shimmered a dark metallic indigo, its surface
cohesion rippling slightly as the bands of exotic force structuring its
boundary began to disengage from the quantum pseudofabric that was ANA’s
    “The Prime allies of the Ocisen Empire fleet were animated by the thought
routines of Donald Chatfield,” ANA:Governance said. “He is one of your agents
in the Greater Commonwealth.” A vast flock of information repositories burst
into existence within the assembly arena and settled on the audience waiting
across the shell. Only Nelson Sheldon didn’t bother to access the information.
Everybody else studied the records of Kazimir’s interception, the electronic
interrogation and analysis of the inter-Prime communications. The conclusion
was inevitable.
    Ilanthe’s mentality switched residence from ANA’s edifice to the
inversion core. For the first time since she had downloaded three hundred
twenty-seven years ago, she was fully independent.
    “What are you doing?” ANA:Governance demanded as it detected her
withdrawal from itself.
    “Claiming the right you were established to enforce,” the secondary
routines manifested in the assembly arena told it.
    “You cannot function separately within me,” it replied. “You will simply
be isolated until your primary identity reconnects to my edifice. Until then,
no interaction with any part of me will be permitted. You will effectively be
placing yourself into suspension.”
    “Your faction’s attempt to manipulate Living Dream into providing you
passage into the Void is declared outlaw,” ANA:Governance announced. The base
law upon which its entire edifice was built asserted itself, exposing the
collective memory of the Accelerator Faction members. ANA immediately noticed
gaps where whole segments had been erased, the information transferred to
Ilanthe’s mentality. Everything else was there: the actions of their agents,
the development of independent Primes to provide the Ocisens with the kind of
allies that gave them enough confidence to launch the invasion fleet. The why
of it was missing. ANA also familiarized itself with the way Ilanthe had grown
to dominate the

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