The Elusive "O"

The Elusive "O" by Renee Rose

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Authors: Renee Rose
The Elusive “O”
    Whoa. Molly Winters was wearing the hell out of those jeans. Josh watched as she came striding into the hotel lounge, her slim hips swinging, high heeled boots accenting each confident step. Like all of the Gentex team, she'd gone up to her hotel room to change out of her business suit and into something more casual after they'd returned from the convention hall. She'd looked amazing in her slim pant suit earlier and she looked even more amazing now.
    He was surprised that after their morning run and then being on her feet most of the day in their booth she was still up for wearing the high heeled boots, but he sure wasn't sorry. She had been livening his work week as eye candy since the day she started working for their biotech company three years ago. Not that it was appropriate to comment or act on, he reminded himself firmly.
    “Here comes Molly,” Bruce, one of their engineers, said, waving his hand to her.
    Molly smiled her dynamite smile and pointed to the bar. “I'll just get a drink and join you. Need anything?”
    “I'd take another glass of red,” their boss Lupita, VP of Marketing and Sales, piped up.
    “Sure thing. Josh?” she looked at his half empty glass.”
    “Twist my arm,” he said.
    She returned with three glasses of wine and delivered them easily.
    “You're good at that,” Lupita commented.
    “I waitressed my way through college,” she grinned. “How did the meeting with the President of Antac go?”
    Lupita grimaced. “I got spanked.”
    Molly's face flushed and she blinked rapidly several times. Josh took a sip of his wine and watched her, intrigued. Was Molly Winters a spanko? He watched her swallow convulsively.
    “Wh-what do you mean?” Molly asked, her voice quavering.
    “I mean he hated the proposal, he smacked my ass for taking so long to get it to him, and he pretty much left it with 'we'll think about it.'”
    “Ugh. I'm sorry to hear that,” she said, recovering somewhat.
    Lupita shrugged. “I convinced him to let me take him to dinner, so I won't be joining you guys tonight. Bruce, I'll need you with me to talk about the equipment, if we get that far.”
    Bruce, a former army engineer, was not the type to ever complain to a superior. “Sure thing,” he said. Molly gave him a commiserating look.
    “Looks like that leaves you and I,” Josh said, trying not to sound as thrilled as he felt.
    “You two and the Bakers,” Bruce said, indicating their CEO and his wife who had just entered the lounge. Joe Baker was the elderly founder of the company. He had left his dress slacks and button down on but was wearing white sneakers. Damn.
    “He looks like he's trying to imitate a rap star,” Josh said in a low voice.
    Molly giggled, a musical sound that made him light up from the inside out. He winked at her.
    “You ready for dinner?” Mr. Baker asked.
    Everyone stood. “We have a meeting with Antac and Steve and Dale are staying in their hotel rooms,” Lupita said.
    “So it's just Josh and I,” Molly said brightly. “How are you doing, Karen?” she said greeting Mr. Baker's wife with a hug. “Find anything good while shopping today?”
    Molly had a way with people, which was why she was the star sales rep for Gentex. Josh was her international counterpart, working with their distributors in other countries. The two women walked ahead, Karen Baker's society lady drawl droning on as she filled Molly in on her day of shopping excursions in Vancouver while they had been working the trade show. Josh watched the swing of her long brown hair, the shape of her muscular butt, so beautifully accented by her perfectly fitting jeans. She was using a black silk scarf through her belt loops instead of a belt. He had a sudden vision of using that silk scarf to tie her wrists. Or blindfold her. Or both. Don't go there.
    They walked several blocks up from the boutique hotel that Mr. Baker had selected for their stay to an elegant restaurant he'd seen that

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