The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment by Lutishia Lovely

Book: The Eleventh Commandment by Lutishia Lovely Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lutishia Lovely
your voice being so hoarse, but then again, it has been almost twenty years. “How are you, Trisha?”
    Again, a pause before answering. “I’m okay. Wow, after all these years of thinking about how you’ve been and where you are, I can’t believe I’m actually talking to you.”
    â€œI’ve thought about you too . . . over the years.”
    There was a palpable intensity to the moment, even though both struggled to sound casual and nonchalant. Later, both would learn that it was for very different reasons.
    â€œSo, Cy Taylor, what have you been up to the last decade?”
    â€œI should add besides becoming a very successful businessman. That’s how Jeannetta tracked you down, you know.”
    â€œYou can’t possibly mean Jeannetta Harris.”
    â€œThe one and only.”
    Now it was Cy’s turn to pause as memories rushed in. Jeannetta Harris, the woman who’d lured him into her bed while he was dating Trisha. What he hadn’t known at the time was that Jeannetta was insanely jealous of Trisha and would do anything to dim the sunshine that seemed to follow Trisha around. Simply put, she set him up, and made sure that Trisha found out about it. To say she was hurt was an understatement. Trisha not only broke up with him, but during the remainder of their college years acted as though he was not alive. For years Cy had detested Jeannetta as the cause of the breakup with his first true love. Even after graduation he’d tried to obtain Trisha’s whereabouts, but her friend’s lips were tighter than Spanx on a fat chick. Finally he gave up and moved on.
    â€œJeannetta?” he finally said. “You’ve got to be kidding.”
    â€œI ran into her a couple years ago. She’d found God and I guess as a result of that, was full of remorse about what she’d done. She asked for my forgiveness, and whether you and I had kept in touch with each other. When I told her no, she told me that she’d seen your name from time to time on various social media sites, namely LinkedIn, which I’d never joined. Lately, she saw you on Facebook and gave me your e-mail address.”
    Cy knew there was a reason he’d held out on joining the popular website. There were some people from his past with whom he’d rather not reconnect. Trisha was not one of them. Jeannetta was. “Wow, I don’t even know how to respond to that story. After the one and only time we were together, and after I found out her true motives, she and I were never even in the same room, much less talked to each other.”
    â€œWell, you may be surprised to know that she is living on five acres of rural land in North Carolina, married to a cattle rancher, and the mother of three rambunctious boys.”
    â€œI’m very surprised.”
    â€œI saw her at the ten-year reunion, but we didn’t talk. Then a couple years ago she looked me up on the classmate Web site, reached out, and I responded.”
    â€œBeyond anything else, Jeannetta and I are not only sorors, but we’re human. She asked for my forgiveness, I gave it, and she felt that reconnecting us was a sort of restitution.”
    â€œI must say I was more than surprised to get your e-mail, but after all these years, it is truly a pleasure to talk with you again.” A comfortable silence ensued before Cy continued. “I notice you’re still using your maiden name, Trisha. Are you one of these new age women who maintain their independence even after marriage?” This time, there was no mistaking the pause. It lasted so long that Cy checked his connection. “Trisha?”
    â€œNope, never married. No children.”
    Thinking of his wonderful wife and beautiful twins, Cy was immediately uncomfortable, and somewhat saddened. “Well, you always were a go-getter. I imagine you opted for the successful career.”

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